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It's not just a place for World of Warcraft players; the PC gaming forums are a great place to talk about the latest titles including your favorite MMOs. Or maybe you just need some advice on a good piece of hardware. Either way, this is you'll want to be.

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  • Forum Post: Building my first gaming PC. Need opinions on parts list, suggestions, etc.

    I've been a console gamer my whole life and I've never been one to care about a particularly powerful computer, but over the past year I've developed an interest in building my own gaming PC. i've assembled a very loose list of parts, and I was looking for everyone's opinion on them...
  • Forum Post: Is this a decent rig? Is this even compatible? I already have a case, and the OS. I might even have a good power supply already as well, do these things match up well? I mostly need this for recording audio with the use of interfaces and Pro Tools, though I would also like to do a little bit of gaming...
  • Forum Post: Ignore

    Just ignore this post now. I no longer need any help.
  • Forum Post: I'm having a Mac-related problem

    Long story short, I'm now the proud owner of a very expensive Mac desktop computer that my parents gave me for my "video shows and whatever". Only problem is that a lot of the games that I play only run on Windows. Is there any Windows software I can buy or download to fix this problem...
  • Forum Post: Need Help with First Build (Budget Gaming Build).

    I am currently planning to build a gaming PC, but this is my first build. I would like advice on this set up. I would also like to decrease the price (aiming for about $700). Another question I have is could I use this with a large flatscreen, or would I need a monitior. Build:
  • Forum Post: Re: First Gaming PC

    @poxopas I think I'd want to play on a 2560x1600 resolution. Could you please do more research on a video card setup that will be best suited for that type of resolution? Appreciate it.
  • Forum Post: First Gaming PC - How-to: Build a killer gaming PC for under $1,000 Yo. I really want to get into PC gaming/PC building, but I know virtually nothing when it comes to knowing what hardware I should pick, and how I should put everything together. In the...
  • Forum Post: Help buying a top-end PC :)

    *UPDATE* Thanks alot for the help guys, You've answered my questions. Thread is locked and hopefully will be removed.
  • Forum Post: Mid-range PC building. Your opinion helps.

    I found this article with 3 different budget builds for a current market gaming desktop PC. I'm shooting for the mid-range because I want to play games like Starcraft II and Skyrim with ease. Here is the article. ( ) What I'd...
  • Forum Post: HELP!

    Okay guys, i have everything pick out for my first real gaming computer.. but i need some help.. what kind of power supply do i get and how big should my tower be? thanks for everything. :D
  • Forum Post: Alienware Laptops: Which one should I get?

    As someone who is mainly a console gamer, I'm really wanting to get into PC gaming as well. I'm looking to get one of the Alienware laptops, but I'm having a hard time on deciding which one to get. I'm leaning a little bit towards the Alienware M17x (3D capable), but I just can't...
  • Forum Post: PC or Mac?

    It's still a little less than a year until I make the final decision, but I've already read tons of articles about this controversial issue. Please give me your input about everything, price, reliability, desktop or laptop, gaming, everything. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  • Forum Post: Could I run it?

    Well I'm new to computer gaming so I'm seeking some help. Its a laptop with the following specs. At the moment I'm just interested if it will play Shogun 2: total war but any advice is appreciated. Toshiba-satellite Intel Core i3 Processor / 2.53 GHz 4GB RAM 64 - 1696MB Mobile Intel®...
  • Forum Post: I need some advice on getting a gaming PC...

    Hey, I need some help. I want to get a gaming PC but I know nothing about them. I love strategy games and would really love to pay Starcraft 2 and others, along with some shooters on PC, as I have heard that strategy games and shooters are better there. I know nothing about video cards or system requirements...
  • Forum Post: can these games run on my Laptop:?

    Okay, so i want either Oblivion or Fallout 3 on pc. I love them both! Some of my favorite games ever! :3 I have them both for my PS3. I want to add mods to my gaming experience for them though. :P Morrowind had some good mods, so I wanted to try a modded F3 or Oblivion. So, can either game run on my...
  • Forum Post: Which Gamepad Should I Get?

    So, I've been playing the FFXIV Beta recently, and I seriously hate the keyboard controls. Everything I've read online says the game is best played with a controller, and I'm seriously agreeing. The thing is, I don't have a gamepad. I have my PS3 controller, and I've heard you can...
  • Forum Post: Possible Heating Problem with gtx260?

    A few months back I purchased a brand new BFG gtx 260 to upgrade from my XFX 8800. While I noticed that I can pretty much max out settings on games like Crysis now, for some reason it would crash playing Fable 1 MW2 and a few other games. However, when I tried playing them again on my 8800, they worked...
  • Forum Post: What pc should i get?

    What gaming pc / mac should i get that is under $1000? Can the pc run WoW in the max graphics? note: I do not need a monitor.
  • Forum Post: The official Computer Help thread

    Ask any computer related questions here. We'll get you an answer as soon as we can.
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