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It's not just a place for World of Warcraft players; the PC gaming forums are a great place to talk about the latest titles including your favorite MMOs. Or maybe you just need some advice on a good piece of hardware. Either way, this is you'll want to be.

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  • Forum Post: Need advice on GPU

    So I currently use two GTX 660 Ti in SLI and would like to upgrade them but I'm not sure what to upgrade and I was wondering if anyone can help me narrow down a good upgrade.
  • Forum Post: Help beefing up my rig

    So I bought this PC some time ago for a great price, It handles everything I play pretty well, but I would like to get a dedicated card in this PC to get...
  • Forum Post: NVIDIA GPU Troubleshooting

    I'm currently running an NVIDIA GeForce 570 made by MSi and I'm now seeing signs of what I think might be GPU failure. During high motion video sequences, mostly gaming, I'm getting a bright green motion blur that occurs between objects. For example, in Borderlands 2, there are bright green...
  • Forum Post: New computer, need a new graphics card

    So before the bombardment of "Why didn't you just build it yourself?" I've seen elsewhere, let just say I got this computer for Christmas after my last one broke. This is my first gaming computer, so its rather pathetic compared to most rigs. Its an HP Envy h8-1414, and is pretty good...
  • Forum Post: Enthusiast grade video cards: Is right now the time to buy?

    I'm going to spare the group needless exposition for this topic and get right to it... Is anyone keeping their finger to the pulse of video card pricing, specifically in relation to the expected time frame for a price drop on the GTX 600 series? I've never spent more than 350 on a single card...
  • Forum Post: I'm new to PC gaming and I have questions, including those about my future laptop.

    I haven't got it yet but my dad is getting for me for my new school. I visited and talked to student there and they says the Macbook Airs they give you have essentially all features blocked off except for web browsing and Word/Powerpoint/Excel and their iWork counterparts. It's a Toshiba Satellite...
  • Forum Post: Questions About MacBook Air PC Gaming

    Hi. In July, I am going to be getting a (hand-me-down) MacBook Air laptop, Late 2010 model I think. (Of course, if I had the choice, I'd get a PC, but I'm grateful.) This is my first computer/laptop that I will own (I'm young), and I was interested in customizing the laptop. I mainly use...
  • Forum Post: Re: First Gaming PC

    @poxopas I think I'd want to play on a 2560x1600 resolution. Could you please do more research on a video card setup that will be best suited for that type of resolution? Appreciate it.
  • Forum Post: 6870 or 6950?

    Uprgrading my GPU from 6750 to either 6870 or 6950. I know the 6950 is better, but as of now i'm not sure my PSU will be able to handle it. AMD is saying a minimum of 500w for a single card setup and 600w for crossfire. I will be using a single card setup. I'm positive I can run the 6870 without...
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