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It's not just a place for World of Warcraft players; the PC gaming forums are a great place to talk about the latest titles including your favorite MMOs. Or maybe you just need some advice on a good piece of hardware. Either way, this is you'll want to be.

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  • Forum Post: Finally decided to get serious about PC Gaming

    I finally decided to get serious about PC gaming and I have a few questions (I'll still be playing my Xbox but I do want to do some gaming on a PC as well). Now I'm thinking about building my own rig and I want it to not only play a lot of the games I own and plan on getting at highest or high...
  • Forum Post: Building my first gaming PC. Need opinions on parts list, suggestions, etc.

    I've been a console gamer my whole life and I've never been one to care about a particularly powerful computer, but over the past year I've developed an interest in building my own gaming PC. i've assembled a very loose list of parts, and I was looking for everyone's opinion on them...
  • Forum Post: Need Help with First Build (Budget Gaming Build).

    I am currently planning to build a gaming PC, but this is my first build. I would like advice on this set up. I would also like to decrease the price (aiming for about $700). Another question I have is could I use this with a large flatscreen, or would I need a monitior. Build:
  • Forum Post: Is this computer worth the money?

  • Forum Post: Cheap Gaming Laptop

    I'm a Mac user, but their lack of games (yes, I realize Macs have good games, but PCs are better for gaming) has become incredibly frustrating, and I've decided to make the switch to PC. I have no idea about any specs on PCs. I'm looking to run games like TF2, ArmA 2 (and 3, when it comes...
  • Forum Post: Questions About MacBook Air PC Gaming

    Hi. In July, I am going to be getting a (hand-me-down) MacBook Air laptop, Late 2010 model I think. (Of course, if I had the choice, I'd get a PC, but I'm grateful.) This is my first computer/laptop that I will own (I'm young), and I was interested in customizing the laptop. I mainly use...
  • Forum Post: Re: First Gaming PC

    @poxopas I think I'd want to play on a 2560x1600 resolution. Could you please do more research on a video card setup that will be best suited for that type of resolution? Appreciate it.
  • Forum Post: 6870 or 6950?

    Uprgrading my GPU from 6750 to either 6870 or 6950. I know the 6950 is better, but as of now i'm not sure my PSU will be able to handle it. AMD is saying a minimum of 500w for a single card setup and 600w for crossfire. I will be using a single card setup. I'm positive I can run the 6870 without...
  • Forum Post: Re: Mid-range PC building. Your opinion helps.

    It's okay on the links. I'm a master copy-paster. 700 is definitely lower than expected but I must admit it's quite impressive for what I'm seeing. It also gives me slack to purchase peripherals as you mentioned. Smart building, sir. It's nice that you found it all on Newegg and not...
  • Forum Post: Re: Mid-range PC building. Your opinion helps.

    I would just like to know what your budget is. I can whip up a whole rig in 10 minutes (probably) under a budget.
  • Forum Post: Mid-range PC building. Your opinion helps.

    I found this article with 3 different budget builds for a current market gaming desktop PC. I'm shooting for the mid-range because I want to play games like Starcraft II and Skyrim with ease. Here is the article. ( ) What I'd...
  • Forum Post: Mass Effect 2 not Working with AMD card

    Hello everyone I tried to play Mass Effect 2 today and I could not because PhysX will not work on an AMD Radeon card. I have an 6800 so it is more then enough to run the game. I have already tried to download PhysX but it seems that nothing will work. If anyone knows how to get around this or anything...
  • Forum Post: PC or Mac?

    It's still a little less than a year until I make the final decision, but I've already read tons of articles about this controversial issue. Please give me your input about everything, price, reliability, desktop or laptop, gaming, everything. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  • Forum Post: Could I run it?

    Well I'm new to computer gaming so I'm seeking some help. Its a laptop with the following specs. At the moment I'm just interested if it will play Shogun 2: total war but any advice is appreciated. Toshiba-satellite Intel Core i3 Processor / 2.53 GHz 4GB RAM 64 - 1696MB Mobile Intel®...
  • Forum Post: can i use this?

    i am a gamer on a budget.though i usually use my ps3 i would like to get a pc that i could use for gamingi was looking at a compaq presario but it has a sempron le-1300 processor so what is the lowest type i could use?i want a good processor but an intel i7 costs more than he cpu so what is the cheapest...
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