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  • From following your link here is what I would adjust,

    I did not see where you selected the monitor, personally I don't plan on playing a 3d game in the near future so I would save some money and drop that option.  The key when purchasing a monitor is a good size, refresh rate and resolution.  23", 24" is a good size but that is all personal preference.  Refresh, which I think is very important you want something between 2-3 milliseconds.  You can get better than 2, but price goes way up.  Lastly Resolution is not a huge deal unless you plan to go above 1920X1080.  Again going beyond that doubles the price of most monitors.

    The processor is good, the I7 cores run great, have very good over clocking abilities and are very stable.  Downfall is they are somewhat expensive, but will be good for several years.  

    I would bump up your memory, go with 1600 frequency and 12gb (8 or 10 gigs is enough but not an option).  6 gigs is the bare minimum I would get, and hey memory is cheap.  A higher frequency is better, but so far anything above 1600 is not cost efficient for the gain.

    For your video card,as someone that uses SLI I would say stay away from it.  It is not terrible but very few games are designed to optimize it, most the time your second card is just running idle.  Instead use the extra money and get the 570 or even 580.  The 580 cards are amazing, but pricey.  one of them should run you for a good 3 years unless we see a major jump in graphics (which is possible with new consoles on the way).

    So far I am staying away from SSD, they have some great speed and technically should never loose your data.  The issue is there price and size, they are still a fairly new technology.  I personally would not want a primary drive under 500gigs.  If you go with the dual 1TB drives in a Raid 0, you will gain speed, not as fast as a SSD but much larger and cheaper.  (if you are worried about data loss raid 1 is a bit slower but safer).

    Lastly, unless you are a major music buff or buying $400 speakers you don't need a separate sound card.  On board has come a long way in the past 10 years, you can get digital surround sound out of them.

    So here is what I have adjusted, brought the price down to $1328 (no monitor selected)  If the money is burning a hole in your pocket put that money back into the video card or processor.  

    hmm link keeps just showing base model so I dont know.

    We're sorta like 7-Eleven. We're not always doing business, but we're always open.

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  • I'm going to go with what Palor said. However, I disagree on the SLI part. Nowadays, many games already come out with SLI / Crossfire support, so that should not be an issue. Also if you are going to SLI, try getting a 750 Watt PSU, that should be better. I would rather SLI than get a 2GB video card, but that's your personal preference. Other than what Palor said, you should be good.  

  • Yeah I should clarify.  There is nothing wrong with SLI.  On programs optimized for it, it is great.  More and more games are coming out that can use it.  However in my view from an economic view taking the extra money for that card and putting it into a better card is  smarter.

    For gaming purposes you can figure that you will use SLI 60-70% of the time but if you have one single better card that will be used 100% of the time.  I LOVE my dual 570s, they can handle anything I have thrown at them like a joke BUT I wish I had taken that money and just purchased a 590.

    Any who back to the BF3 beta.

    We're sorta like 7-Eleven. We're not always doing business, but we're always open.

    Steam - palor700   XBL - LooneyPilot   paxgaming.com

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