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  • Reformatting part of a RAID will not be catastrophic. It will tell you that the RAID has degraded and will complain. However in setting the RAID backup you will need to format on all harddrives involved in the RAID. If you want to stop doing RAID you can just format one of the harddrives and then choose the Windows 7 OS from the boot menu. It is not an easy process. If you're unsure of what you're doing your best bet is to get someone to assist you or do it for you. The worst case scenario is you lose all data and have to start with a clean install.

  • Hey guys I dont own a computer(yet) but I really want to build one and I have a very important question. Im trying to get a processor and other necessary things to play Crysis since I figure if I can play that I can play most other things. I found an AMD Phenom X2 on newegg that runs at 3.1Ghz but on the crysis minimum specs it says anthlon 3200 or better  but I thought I read  somewhere that phenom is better than anthlon so if someone could clarify if that processor will run crysis(graphics card aside) or if it doesnt some recommendations. Thanks.



  • Power supply, its the cheapest thing to test, go pick yourself up one that will run your machine and replace it.  Just because the fans are working does not mean the Power Supply is still good.  I just fixed a friends, sounds just like yours and it was his Power Supply.

    That said, when you turn it on does the computer go through its normal start up routine, hard drive accessed, cd rom spinning, keyboard good "as in not locked up".

    ok if not then try my first suggestion, if its not that then its your motherboard or cpu most likely.  


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  • Thanks for the offers of assistance, everyone. A full reformat has been the plan all along, though my RAID 1 configuration unfortunately came installed on my rig and that means I really don't know anything of its nuts and bolts. I suppose if I just reformatted, I'd have two separate hard drives? Basically, my confusion was over just how much of the setup is hardware vs. software/driver based. I was hoping that the RAID controller held them in configuration no matter what data was on the main drive, though I'm seeing that won't be the case.


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  • @Cory.

    Yes, the Phenom is the  better series, go with that, if money isn't much of an issue.

  • @Corey, I don't know why people still want to play Crysis, it's not a very good game, is buggy as all hell, and is a pain to run smoothly. But in any case, it's more dependent on your video card than CPU, although the Phenom IIs are more powerful than the Athlons, especially the old 3200+ The chip you mentioned is not only faster than the 3200+ but is also dual core.


  • Thanks for the help guys. @assmar ya ive heard some other people say that maybe ill get it maybe not anyway it was just to see if I had a good idea with what I needed. Also sorry about the whole "will it run Crysis?" thing.

    Keep the help coming.



  • Can it run Crysis is still a valid benchmark. There haven't been any games lately I'm aware of that tax the system like Crysis does. Its always used to test video card for high end settings. No need to apologize as it is still a valid question.

  • Crysis is a valid benchmark for very high end systems. It's a great looking game, but with the questions he's asking, Crysis will run on low settings on many a computer anyway. Crysis is an outlier that completely throws off the curve, and the experience isn't even worth the trouble, and eventual disappointment.


  • OK, here's the deal: Everything between the triple asterisks below is the story of what I've been doing to fix my old PC for the past 2 days. The actual question I'm asking is at the bottom. But I'm providing all this info in case any of it is useful.


    On Thursday, I turned on my old gaming PC for the first time in about 6 months. It got some spyware called Antivirus Live about 7 months ago, and after initially attempting to fix it I hit a dead end and gave up until now. The problem was that no program would access the internet. Every one of them just acted like it wasn't there.

    What got me to try to fix it again was a post on Lifehacker.com which detailed a portable anti-spyware application called SUPERAntiSpyware Portable. There was a link to howtogeek.com from there, where I found this. I noticed something familiar about the screenshots of the computer they used as an example. It had exactly the same spyware that took down my gaming PC! I recognized it because it was made to look like a security program. After reading further into it, I learned that SAS Portable removed it quickly and easily.

    So I decided to take another crack at it. I took an unused USB stick and installed SAS Portable and Revo Uninstaller to it. Then I turned on the PC and went to work.

    First I ran a scan with the (expired and outdated) security system already on the computer, Trend Micro Internet Security Pro. It couldn't find anything. I removed Trend Micro with Revo, because it was expired, useless, and it was blocking the other security program installed on the PC: Spybot Search & Destroy. Then I scanned with Spybot S & D. It was unable to connect to the internet to update, and it didn't find anything either.

    I plugged in the new USB stick and ran SAS Portable. It found several things! I told it to remove them, and it did. I tried using Internet Explorer at this point, to see if it could connect. It couldn't. So that problem was still there.

    I took some time to use Revo to uninstall a few games I had downloaded shortly before getting the spyware, since they were obviously suspect.

    Then I had an idea: Use Portable Firefox to try to connect. I plugged in another USB stick, this one with Portable Apps Suite installed, and tried connecting. It worked! So I downloaded the full version of Firefox and used that to download Microsoft Security Essentials, which I have heard good things about.

    After 2 scans by MSE, It found something else! I removed that too, but I still couldn't get any previously installed programs to access the net.

    This was when I facepalmed. As I'm sure you noticed, and have been thinking "Dude, the problem is obvious!" for the past dozen sentences of this post, I had completely missed a key point of the page on howtogeek.com: Antivirus Live makes your computer use a fake proxy server. It took me 48 hours to go back and read that. I fail.


    So now for my actual questions. There are two. The second one is about a problem that occurred just minutes ago.

    1: How do I switch my computer back to a real proxy server so that it will work again? (I am aware that I could simply tell IE and every other program with net access not to use a proxy server, but that would be less secure, right?)

    2: What the heck does the following mean?

    Checking file system on K:

    The type of the file system is FAT32.

    The volume is dirty.

    Volume serial number is 3EDB-049B

    Windows is verifying files and folders…

    XX percent completed……


    (^ XX stands for the percent it was at. Strangely, it started at 30%)

    K: is the USB stick with Portable Apps Suite installed. I got the above code on screen when I turned on my computer with K: plugged in to a USB port. When I shut it down and took it out, it started up fine.

    Apologies on the extremely lengthy question, and thanks in advance!


  • It doesn't work. I'm dying :'(

    I'm running a Core 2 Duo E6750 processor with nVidia 8800 GTS (the 320MB one). 2 GB 667 mHZ RAM... Uh. I've installed the FFVII XP patch, and it doesn't work. What happens is I mount CD1 (I've installed the Movie Player and DirectX 5 [had 9.x before, does it overwrite?]), and then I run ff7.exe and I get to a black screen that flashes from "light" black to off, I hear the sound of something (wings?) and then FF7 Has encountered an error, and a lot of computer codes, like memory addresses. It crashes every time, no matter what kind of compatibility settings I choose for it. Also, the video only lets me select "software renderer" even though I installed the XP patch.


    Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Ok, so I wanted to update my drivers for my computer. I downloaded the new drivers, and removed the old one. I try to install the new ones but it says nothing is compatible with it. Is there anyway to restore my old drivers????




  • Does anyone have any experience with issues with the iaStor.sys system file? It got corrupted on another rig I own and now I can't load windows XP even after a repair install. If anyone knows whether I'd be able to fix it with a boot disk w/ replacement files, or has any other suggestions, it'd be much appreciated.


    "I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions!"

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  • @ MrSmashMeister

    A proxy is not necessary. Normally proxies are used to get around security or try and hide your origin. You can set things to not use a proxy and will be fine.

    A dirty volume means some of the clusters are damaged. Basically some par of that flash drives memory has gone bad. It shouldn't really affect anything if it hasn't already because it won't write to a bad cluster. However the flash drive may be on its way out.

    @ Baron

    I would need to know what kind of device you're installing drivers for. If you need to find old drivers the manufacturer usually has them on their site somewhere.

    @ Kevin Maskornick

    As far as I know if the repair did not work then its dead in the water. You can try getting a copy of the file and booting to a flash drive/floppy and manually copying it to where it should be on the hard drive. Its a risky operation, but it won't really hurt anything since you can't boot anyway.

  • My cousin had that same problem, he had no choice but to stop playing the game because his computer kept freezing on him.

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