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Is this a decent rig? Is this even compatible?

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  • Show me what case you have. I am not a sound card specialist so I cant make a suggestion there but I have an opinion about your other items. Such as your CPU cooler it's nice dont get me wrong but it is a bit on a heavy duty side and will benefit only if you overclock your processor if not i suggest down scaling a bit. Also 8gb of ram is honestly not that much at least 12gb or higher. 12 is a good start. Now the solidstate drive is nice but you want your essential programming on there such as OS and other things, for gaming I suggest a 1tb hard drive since you said "a little bit of gaming." Now as for the graphics card I'm not sure I got the proper link when I clicked on yours, choose what ever one you want, depending on how you like your graphics to be I have the Nvidia GTX 780 so I can run The Witcher 3 on ultra, and if I can run that on ultra (I should) I am set for at least 2 more gens of gaming before upgrading again. here are the links for my recommendation items. O and also not sure why you need a second ethernet port when your motherboard already has one, but w.e.

    RAM: www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_1

    CPU COOLER: www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_3

    1TB HARD DRIVE: www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_3

  • I donot see any compatibility issues with what you picked out.

    The motherboard already has an on-board LAN (Realtek 8111F). So unless you need two LAN ports you do not need the Intel NIC.

    The Asus Xonar cards are good, but they are more for putting sound out not recording. It only has a "line in" jack and a "mic in" jack, if that is all you need then you should be good to go. But if you need something to hook up multiple microphones and or line ins to your PC it is going to get expensive.

    8GB of RAM should be fine. For most games and applications on a PC right now 6GB is the happy spot. I have 16GB on my tower and the best I could ever do for filling it up in a practical scenario was about 37% (5.92GB Used). And even with 16GB windows will still dump things into the page file.

    The CPU cooler you picked out is going to be huge! It has a 120mm fan and a 140mm fan on it, specs for the size is 160x140x158mm, your going to need a big wide case for it (that is if you want to put the side panel back on). And remember this is going to tower over the RAM slots, this one looks like it is jacked up there a ways, but I would refrain from getting any RAM sticks that have a heat-spreader/heat-sink that adds to their height or they may not fit under the cooler. The Kingston HyperX chip-sets you selected just have a heat-spreader that is about the same size as the PCB, so they will fit.

    I run with 240GB SSD space on my tower with a 2TB HDD for storage. You can install quite a bit of software on 240GB and have room for several games, you still have to be economical with the bigger games that take up 20+GB and uninstall the ones you don't play. If your going to be storing allot of media on this thing you will want an additional HDD to do so on.

    Khan Nova Keensky
  • I'd move some things around, but most important: upgrade the wattage on your power supply, and you can get rid of CPU cooler to help save some money. I'd shoot for somewhere around 700W, whatever you can get that's well rated at a decent price.

    Any particular reason you're getting an AMD over an Intel? Not that they're all that bad (besides running a bit hot), but if you can find a good deal on an Intel Processor (maybe something in an unlocked K series when you need extra processing). Try to keep your eyes open at Microcenter, they typically run some decent deals and combos that could save you some money on the whole deal.

    Let's talk Audio - what interfaces are we talking? What will you be plugging in? Do you have an XLR Mic coming in from a Soundboard, or a USB Stand-alone?

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