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plz help

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  • It all depends upon what kind of games you want to play, and what is your preference of visual/graphical detail you like to play them at.

    With the choices you offered, I would lean towards the MSI GE 60 with the 765M graphics card. It also has a faster HDD than the Asus model (but this can all be upgraded to a fast SSD for around $100-150).

    I hate to say it, but $1200 will just get you into the entry level mobile (laptop) gaming rigs. You will be happy with it right now, but I do not know about four years down the road.

    You might have to bite the bullet and get ready to pay the big bucks if you want mobility and for a gaming rig that will be future proof. Your going to want to look into spending $2-3K as laptops are not as easy to upgrade, so unfortunately you need to start out with the bulk of the performance options from the starting gate concentrating on the latest CPU model socket and top end graphics solutions. RAM, SSD/HDD, and CPU can be upgraded down the road. Graphics cards are not so upgradable as they are often times integrated into the motherboards, but this is an RTFM thing too, look into it if these laptops have integrated GPUs or if they are modular and can be somewhat easily upgraded down the road (you will still have limited selections even if they are modular).

    I have around $1400 dumped into my business laptop, and it is sub-par for games today. But I got it for mobility rigidity and speed, not gaming.

    Khan Nova Keensky
  • To be quite honest with you, if you have a $1200 budget, I would not be looking for anything in the area of a notebook/laptop. I would go on pcpartpicker.com and search for slightly used parts that you can purchase. What this website does is help you compile a price list for parts you'd need to make a good gaming pc of your own from scratch. For 1200 you should be able to make a good high end gaming pc at max fps and quality.

  • Hawke 5

    pal i agree with your suggestion

    but my big problem is im college student and my college is 300 mi away from hometown

    i need  a mobile pc

    and i should buy a notebook because of that

    at all tnx pal for your attention to my post :)

  • Nova Keensky

    tnx for your good pointing

    but i worried about ge60 hot tempratures and weak cooling system and noising problem

    i faced a dilemma between these  :D

    maybe i could overcome with great coolin pad .is have effect on it?

    which brand do you prefer for it?deep cool?.......

    i know after 4 years these note books are just very low system on that time

    till that i gonna save my money and buy a great gaming pc

    and about my budget

    because i wanna buy both note book and lumia 1520(replace with my htc one x)

    my budget is just around 1.2k and im college student and a need notebook its necessary

    tnx for your tips dude :)

  • My brother uses one he picked up at wal-mart or best buy, not sure of the brand as and I do not want to lift up the laptop right now as he has it hooked up to his 3D printer and running a print. But his is an older ASUS G50V and the little extra air-flow seemed to help cool it down a bit. But it should have a thermal shutdown safety (as it it will shut itself off if it gets too hot to prevent damage to the components). On my Latitude E6430 ATG I have not triggered a thermal shutdown but it had refused to start up when I left it in the pickup during the wintertime and got to cold.

    If heat becomes and issue you can always tear it down and replace the thermal compound with something like Arctic Silver (or some other high-performance thermal compound). While I have not looked around for a better solution in several years, they did not seem to have much of a high-performance solution for the “thermal pads”, so you may be stuck with them.

    Keep in mind you can call the manufacture and order through them, usually they will offer some options to system components. You can save a little bit of cash by downgrading some of the components like the CPU RAM SSD and buy them later on. SSD and RAM will virtually always be a cheaper after-market option while you tend to spend more money in the long run if you choose to upgrade the CPU later on. You can also see what they have for financing options, BUT READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU SIGN, I have seen some staggering interest rates (like 24%, that is no typo, twenty-four percent).

    Khan Nova Keensky
  • Khan Nova Keensky

    tnx pal for your complete tips

    you explain every things clearly

    i should be careful on buying

  • No problem, glad I could help. Down the road, it's a good idea

  • I my self is using msi ge 60 2oe so I really recommend this one to you. n56jr I haven't tried this one.

  • I will go with MSI

  • Well, I think with respect to your budget MSI 60 is a good option for now. As you are a college student and you need to carry it. It's cool.

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