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Random PC Crash While Gaming With a 6770

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  • The top three things that come to mind are: broken video card, broken drivers, or broken game.

    I would first suggest trying to upgrade and/or downgrade your video card drivers to see if this fixes the problem.

    Sometimes the game developers fix one thing while breaking another, it could be that you just need to wait for the next patch. Is BF3 the only game/application that is giving you problems?

    Typically general issues with faulty GPU hardware will almost seem at random no matter what your doing. In rare cases if it is a portion of hardware that sits idle until needed (like something specific with 3D rendering) it will crash on demand at every time.

    Artifacting and colored lines is not the expected behavior of a faulty PSU. Generally the PSU fails to keep up with a smooth voltage to all parts of the system you will see more failures like you unplugged your system from the wall socket.

    If you are overclocking at all try stressing both the GPU and CPU at the same time. I have seen what looks like stable overclocks on the GPU and CPU while stress testing them individually but have hangups and crashes while doing both. (Acer should not let you do much of any overclocking, but you can still OC your GPU).

    This also leads to another thought if none of the above work, try stress testing both the GPU and CPU at the same time (even if your not overclocking) the frostbite and cryengine are rather demanding on your hardware when turned up, if you have any instability with your hardware it will typically show up while running both FurMark and Prime95 at the same time. It could even be faulty RAM or CPU.

    Khan Nova Keensky
  • I think your problem is broken drivers, which are causing some a big error and problems.

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