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Is this a good gaming PC?

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  • It is a fair price for the hardware but it is hard to say for sure.  Look here and you will see that buying just the basic parts yourself would run you roughly $640.


    Now it is hard to say because they dont tell us what type of motherboard is in the system, or its power supply.  We also dont know the frequency of the memory or who made the GPU.  (these factors come into play when determining upgrade ability and reliability)

    How well will it handle games?  Moderately well to high.  It may not be able to max out some of the more graphics intensive games like say BF4 but it should be able to obtain 40-60fps on mid-highish settings.  Most less graphically intensive games it should not have much of a problem with.

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  • At that price range you're really not going to get max setting with the top games, but it can still be good.  I strongly encourage you to order the parts and build your own pc.  These days it's pretty easy and you'll save $100 or so.

    The system you linked has a solid processor and more than enough memory.  The issue is the GPU, which is going to be the thing that holds your system back.  That's actually a common thing with pre-built systems.

    What to look for:

    CPU: The most common solid buy in prebuilds is the AMD FX-6300.  If you can find it, the Athlon X4 750K is cheaper and about the same.

    GPU: Again, a common solid buy is the GTX 650.  Recommended would be something like the HD 7700.

    MoBo: Whatever is compatible.  You may want to aim for a PCIe 3.0.  Pretty much all good GPU will want 3.0, but it's not a huge dropoff if the MoBo has a 2.0.

    Memory: Only get up to 8 GB.

    For the above, if you get it prebuild you're looking at about $700.  Going through some stores, cyberpowerpc.com had it configured for $677.  I took the Back to School AMD special, upgraded the memory (to 8GB) and GPU (to the GTX 650), and "downgraded" from liquid to air cooling (which I'd say is a good thing).  It's better, cheaper and has free shipping compared to the amazon link  :)

    But, I still say you should spend the time to build one yourself (Odds are you already know someone willing to help you in person).

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