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Would this set-up be able to run Battlefield 3/Skyrim/Mass Effect?

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  • BF3 on max settings wouldn't even tax this system to 60%.  However it is not a very balanced build, you dont need 2 580s.  I would get 1 and then put the extra money back into an I7 processor and a better mother board.  


    As for the case, yes everything would fit with no problem.  Reading user reviews though I would maybe consider another.  It sounds like Xclio may not have the best quality control...never heard of them so not sure if it just this tower or there entire lineup.

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  • Thank you so much for the help!

    What mother board; i7 processor, and case would you suggest?

  • Holy crap...2 x 580?!! Trust me like Palor said, you only need one and it will still max out every game for the next 2-3 years. For the i7, I would recommend the 2600k since apparently you have a lot of money to spend.

  • Yeah I would look at the I7 2600K or the plain I7 2600.  You will save about $26 going for the plain version.  The only difference between the 2 is the K model has speed control over its L2 and L3 cache.  Which means under heavy load it crank that speed up for better performance.  However you will need to try by running extra programs to tax that CPU in order to see much of a performance change.

    For a mother board I would probably go with this,


    It is a tad expensive but a good motherboard can make all the difference.  You dont want to loose your entire system because of a bad MB.  

    2 other changes I would make, you dont need a 1200w power supply.  That is enough power to weld with.  700w is enough if you plan to go dual video cards in the future.  However if you plan to get a tower like you linked you may want to make that an 800W due to the extra fan draw.

    I would also get faster RAM, probably 8 gigs of 1866 like such,


    With the money you save on the 2nd gpu and more reasonable power supply the overall price should not change much but you will have a much more  well rounded build.

    We're sorta like 7-Eleven. We're not always doing business, but we're always open.

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  • For the RAM is there any advantage getting 3 instead of 2?


    I am willing to spend $25 more if it makes a difference

    I won't be ordering the parts till summer, will there be any major improvements in parts by then? I was hoping the prices will drop a little by then. It was going to be my summer project to build the PC but I am worried of messing something up. Do you think it would be better to get it assembled at a shop or am I capable?

    Thanks for all the feedback and help

  • Man, that's a helluva system there!  These guys ain't lying to you either.  The only purpose of 2 x 580's would be bragging rights.  lol.  

    Before you spend $240 on that case- I'd recommend an Antec 1200 if you're wanting a full tower case. That's a ridiculous price for a plastic case IMO.  I don't care if the fan lights turn a gazillion colors.  I've had my 1200 for 4 years and I still love it.  I kept it after building a new system recently.  All the fans, controls, and lights still work.  And for the HDD- I'd try to get my hands on a 64MB cache/SATA  6.0Gb.

    The 3 sticks of RAM is referred to as triple channel memory which wouldn't be compatible with your mobo- and probably not with any newer mobo's being made.  I believe the triple channel was used in the 1st gen i7 processors.  The newer ones have went back to dual channel.

    As far as new hardware goes- something is improved every quarter.  The Intel Ivy Bridge architecture seems to be talked about alot.  I think it is still scheduled for a Q2 2012 release.  And if the benchmarks that have been "leaked" are true- the Ivy whips the Sandy pants down. 

     Hope that helps you some.

  • Mostly exactly what Jmart said in regards to dual channel and triple channel memory.  What you get will mainly be determined by the motherboard you purchase.  In theory 3 channel should give you a 33% increase in memory access.  In real world use it is much less.  For gaming you may see a 5% or so decrease in load times (load faster), outside of load times you will see almost no improvement.  For a game say like Skyrim instead of 4 second world loads you will see 3.5 second...I know that more than 5% but 3.5 sounds better than 3.8 seconds.

    The only people that really need triple channel are those that do mass computation where you have large amounts of constant data movement, ie video encoding.  Now if your MB supports triple channel it does not hurt to go that route as generally the cost difference on the memory is negligible.  Just don't worry if you end up with dual channel, at the end of the day it will make almost no difference.  

    We're sorta like 7-Eleven. We're not always doing business, but we're always open.

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  • Talk about overkill. Why would you spend this kind of money and not get a better processor? Save your money on the case and get an i7. Also save some money on your two GPU's and just get a single AMD 7970 for about the cost of one 580 which will allow you to save money on the PSU since you'll only need about 750w minimum. The 7970 is not only less power consuming, it runs cooler, and has better performance than a 580. And I would say just get a cooler master cpu cooler they're cheaper and work better. As for cases, you'll need a case that can handle a long video card, so the best Idea is to get something that has a modular drive mount. You don't even need a full tower, you can pick up a midtower NZXT Phantom 410 on newegg for $99 that has great features and space for additons, or if you really want a full tower you can get the NZXT Phantom for $129 which is the same case just larger. Those are only two great cases for example... do some more searching as there are higher qaulity cases out there for a fraction of the cost of the onle you are looking at.



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