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What Mouse Do You Use?

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  • I use the G500 also and love it actually on my second or third one.  I just find it to be the most comfortable mouse I have ever used.  I love where the forward and back buttons are, perfect place for my thumb.  

    I also have a Razer Naga I use for MMOs and RPGs with lots of buttons.  I like all the programmable buttons on it but I find it to be a bit small. I also don't like the left and right click, I think it takes a bit too much pressure to activate the click which can cause mouse movement at high DPI settings.  

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  • Yeah, I love it as well. My Razer Abyssus was great for when I need a precise mouse for my basic games like Sims or other browser games, but the G500 is better for all-round gaming. I used to have a low-end Logitech MX mouse but gave that to one of my parents when their wired one hit the bucket.

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  • I use a R.A.T 5 mouse. I just love the look of the mouse, and it's also a great mouse for gaming and such. And I think I bought it around $50-60.

  • Well I bought Logitech's MX 5500 Revolution bundle, so I don't recall the specific name of the mouse :/ Nevertheless, I might get a Steelseries Sensei eventually.


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  • I use a basic Logitech mouse, that cost me around abouts the £5-10 mark. In terms of gaming goes, it's pretty responsive and I've never had a problem with it keeping up. Most of my funds go into my keyboard and system usually.

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  • After about 5 years of using the MX518, I'm now using a G500 as well, only after trying my hand (HAH) at some non-Logitech models and realizing the muscle memory of that shape is far too engrained to try gaming with something radically different. The Cyborg RAT 7 for example... certainly looks great on paper, feels great in the hand too - at least for general use. Once I tried gaming, I was constantly reaching for keys as though I was still using a Logitech. Tried and tried for probably 20 hours on various titles before putting it away and picking up this G500.

    On that note, if anyone wants nearly new RAT 7...

  • I'm currently using the Razer Imperator 2012 BF3 Edition and loving it! I really like Razer products although the Steel Series line is always lookin' good. The Naga is also great for MMO & RPG gaming like 'Palor' said because of all the buttons.

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  • Generic Microsoft wireless mouse.


    It works.


  • I have the Razor DeathAdder. Its my first gaming mouse. and I dont think i could have made a better choice. I have been able to play games for 7 hrs straight and my wrist feels good as new. Which was nice for mee cause i always had the wireless laptop mice. And always killing me. After I bought this, I take it with me to school or anywhere Im going to use a computer. its worth it. The comfort it provides it unbeatable.  



  • Wow, the G500???  I've had an older version of the G400 that has survived several beatings.  The G500 was what I was thinking about getting next.  Guess that choice is made.

  • @Abertix24 - R.A.T.s are great but it's just the look I can't get over. Great performance, just not a design I can fall in love with.

    @Killer Troopa - The MX Performance mice are really great. I was going to get one but opted to get the G500 instead. Nonetheless, some pretty cool mice.

    @Leon Archer - Hey, a £10 mouse is all we really need. For somebody in my case though who games on the laptop rather than desktop, more investment goes into accessories rather than the system itself.

    @eyros2k - I'll take that RAT 7 off your hands. :P

    @Mack Daddy - I love Razer products as well but my threshold for a mouse is $50 to be honest. More like $40 before taxes and shipping.

    @J-Pow - No shame in that. It is like the first kind I grew up with.

    @blaxarbush911 - I was going to get that or the Razer Imperator but I got a $25 credit from HP for my troubles so went with the G500 instead. There really isn't much you can buy for $25 at an online computer manufacturer. You can choose between spending another $300 on a computer, overprice USB drives, or overpriced carrying cases.

    @JMart - If you are going to buy one, I recommend Amazon because they are selling it for $45 or so. Beats paying $65 at full retail.

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  • Razer mouse also is better for gaming.

  • I see all these new age cats out there rockin' these low profile, massivly modded, LEDed, tricked out, artsy things and I gotta tell ya.  While performance, grace, and style are certainly not in question when it comes to these bad boys I personally find myself still sittin' pretty with my oldschool Logitech thumb scroll mouse.  Call me old fashioned but theres just something about not having to fling your whole hand/wrist across the desk to get that perfect headshot that I love.  Now if Logitech (or even a different worthwhile company *wink*) would just revamp this sucka' for the times and give me some moded keys on the damn thing I'd be set for life!

  • @ArcAneStrife I have no beef with old school mice or keyboards. I think its a matter of either status quo and comfort.  I personally don't purchase a peripheral with using it first hand. I was limited to what I used because I know very few PC gamers that live near me with a good set up. Although there is one thing I got lucky with and I'm sure if people ask I bet they can do this too.

    When I was at Best Buy making a big purchase on gaming accessories I asked the employee if he'd be willing to take the mouse out the box so I can see how well they sit in my hand. Also, they had a box of almost everykind sitting in the back that was opened already. So he said, Actually let me go in the back and get one of each out for ya. He said they have one of each pc peripheral unpacked just for this purpose. People just need to ask.

    So i say what ever works best for you. No matter how old or lame it may look. Nothing can compete with comfort because if you're playing for hours on end. You really dont want to step away from the PC with a wrist in massive pain.



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