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I need to upgrade my PC

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  • Speccy is probably the best.


    cant recommend upgrades till I know what you have.

    Need to know make and model of your motherboard, processors, graphics card, amount and speed of your ram.  It would also be helpful to know the size of your power supply (speccy cant tell you this, need to read it off the power supply) and how large your case is.  You can also just look up the specs from the manufacturer ie a Dell XPS XXX or a HP yada yada yada.

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  • I know very little about this stuff so im just going to write what i think u need to know down.

    I have a Alienware Aurora R2

    My hard drive:

    932 GB Null (SATA)

    Operating System:

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


    Intel Core i5 650@3.20 GHZ   cores-2, threads-4


    6.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3@668 MHZ   Memory slots 4-4

    1st slot Size 2048 MBytes

    2-1024 MBytes

    3-2048 MBytes

    4-1024 MBytes

    All have Max Bandwidth pc3-10700(667mhz)

    Mother board:

    Alienware ORV30W (cpu1)


    Alienware 2210 (1920 by 1080 @ 60HZ)

    ATI Radeon HD 5670(Dell)

    Thats what i found i hope it helps and thank you for all the help.

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  • of course it had to be an alienware.  I am guessing this is your PC.


    Dell doesn't like to give the pure specs of its alienwares so It's hard to say with certainty but I think this is your MB.


    So what is it you are looking to do?  There are a few odd choices, mainly in the ram department but all in all its a balanced build.  It will be hard to upgrade without causing a bottleneck somewhere else.  Here is your problem, they used like the ONLY dual core i5 ever made and it has an odd LGA 1156 socket type.  The socket is how the cpu interfaces with the mother board.  The current common type is LGA 1155.  the only 1156 you can really buy is the CPU you already have.

    So in order to upgrade your CPU you basically need to upgrade your MB.  Your GPU is a bit older and probably showing its age wouldn't be bad to upgrade.  However doing so with the same CPU and MB would cause a bottleneck with the GPU not really being fully optimized since it would be waiting on the CPU.  The only reasonable upgrade would be to get maybe 8 gigs of 1066 or 1333 RAM.  Its very odd that they went with 6gb and 2 miss matched sizes but that is beyond the point.  Anything beyond that and you will need to replace the MB, if you are going to do that you might as well do a full upgrade.  

    Hope that makes sens, haven't had my coffee yet so my thoughts are a bit jumbled.

    We're sorta like 7-Eleven. We're not always doing business, but we're always open.

    Steam - palor700   XBL - LooneyPilot   paxgaming.com

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  • For and idiot like me who dosent understand much about my computer that did help a lot. So what your saying is i can really only upgrade my ram a bit which is good cause i know ram really is one of the most important things. But if i want my computer to get a lot faster ill need to just upgrade everything? Again thanks for the help im trying to become a little more learned in this kind of stuff.

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  • Make sure you are using high level graphics card

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  • maybe if you can try to secure a much better graphics card..

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