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  • slow morning with the snow and all that so I got to it early.


    At $983 this is more of a high end build.  Using a great SSD for your primary boot a 660ti GPU and a gold rated PSU.  Only thing I did not include was a tower since those are mostly personal preference.  Keep in mind when picking a tower you are putting nearly 1,000$ worth of hardware inside it so you want something that will keep it protected.  I would get something made out of steel and if you have the floor space for it a full tower, but a mid is acceptable.  Beyond that find something you like aesthetically, I like my cases a bit more minimal with fewer LEDs so they dont light up my media room when I am trying to watch a movie.

    If this is a bit too expensive you could probably save roughly $180 by removing the SSD and going with an AMD equivalent  GPU.  I like the 660TI for its price point, not the most powerful on the market but it will max anything currently on the market.  Then in 2 years or so if you want to boost your performance just pick up a 2nd one and go SLI.  There is nothing wrong with the AMD cards I went NVIDIA though since I have been using them for the past 5 years or so now and been very very happy with them.  They have come a long way with their drivers in recent years which was always their knock.