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  • Wondering if anyone has experience with a keyboard using cherry mx brown switches?  I am looking to finally take the jump and get a mechanical keyboard.  I have experience using cherry reds like what are used on Razer products.  While I like them I think if you could cut out 50% of their click noise they would be amazing.


    Any who did some research and found this keyboard which seems amazing, other than it is using browns and I have no experience with them.


    Seeing as they are a new company I am guessing no one on the site has used this keyboard yet, so I am just hoping someone has a keyboard with the same keys.  So far reviews seem very promising but $150 is a bit much of a jump without knowing.  From what I have read the browns make less noise than reds but they also have less of that feed back bump on press.


    So anyone have any experience with this?