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  • Fans spin at the same speed they always have, but I'll check out the capacitors in a sec.  I can grab my videocard from Ye Old eMachine and see what happens to it.

    Just got done resetting the my original video card; no luck.  Took out the RAM, and the same thing.

    Means it's not getting far enough to check for the RAM. >_<


    EDIT: No luck on the capacitors.  Or, well, I should say there is luck on the capacitors.  Whatever.  What I mean is that they're just fine an dandy, if not a little off-center, but none are bulged.

    My PC is dusty as hell, though.  That's never stopped anything from booting.  Gonna pick up some compressed air tomorrow.

    I was going to take the hard drives out, but I'm very put off by the fact that they're 2.5" HDs.  In a desktop.  The cost-to-space ratio for 2.5" has never seemed okay with me, so I don't see why the guy I got this thing from would spring for them.  Oh well.