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  • Okay, so my desktop refuses to boot.  Last night, I decided to give my PC a rest for a bit, and turned it off.  This morning, I turn it on and it's not outputting a video signal.  I'm not getting any error beeps or anything, and I've tried booting with/without all of my USB stuff plugged up to it, all to no avail.

    This hasn't happened to me before.  I'm sure there's a simple fix, but I can't figure it out.


    ASUS motherboard (unsure of model off the top of my head)

    Intel Quad Core Processor

    4 GB RAM

    nVidia 8800GTS video card

    and some sort of Mushkin PSU

    If you can give me any ideas to try, I'm all for it.  If not, I'll have a friend of mine look at it in a few days.