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Fans of one of the longest-running gaming companies still around can find a home here. Whether you're rolling a DS or at home swinging around a Wii remote, this is your place. Don't forget to trade friend codes!

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  • Forum Post: What is your favourite Nintendo franchise?

    Other than maybe Sega I can't think of another gaming company that creates as many diverse games as Nintendo. Although some of their biggest franchises are platformers they have actually branched out in to a lot of different genres, from strategy to RPGs and even racing games. So, which is your favourite...
  • Forum Post: Nintendo ONLY has family friendly games???

    I've read posts of people saying they don't want games like Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U because they don't want to see Mario turning into, in less words, a mature oriented game... On the Gamecube , the N64 , and even as far back as the original NES , Nintendo has had hardcore and mature games...
  • Forum Post: Wii U Virtual Console

    Can someone please explain to me why the Wii U doens't have all the virtual console games that the original Wii did? There are many classics and cult hits that would greatly help a newer console that's still struggling. Also do you guys want to see the gamecube on virtual console or would you...
  • Forum Post: What stages do you hope will be in Super Smash Bros Wii u/3ds?

    What stages do you want in the new super smash bros?
  • Forum Post: Super Mario 64 Virtual Console

    Mario 64 is available for 200 club nintendo coins this month and I'm thinking of picking it up. I'm always a bit concerned about how controls are mapped for VC games, though, so can someone tell me how it plays on a gamecube or classic controller? Is it safe to assume the buttons are mapped so...
  • Forum Post: Why the Wii U can't be a "hardcore" console

    It's really beginning to bother me that Nintendo's role in the console wars has been/is/will be the kiddie platform. The Wii U will most likely have way too many peripherals and will be the console that a bunch of kids play at parties instead of one that adamant gamers come home to and play for...
  • Forum Post: What Game Should I Buy?

    My cousin visited me last week and gave me enough money to buy either one 1 Wii game or 1 3DS game, but I can't decide what to buy. There are three games I have been thinking of buying, but I don't know which game to get, so I wanted your opinion. Here are the three games I have been thinking...
  • Forum Post: What Characters Do You Want In Mario Kart 7?

    Mario Kart 7 looks like a great game and has some new and unexpected characters. People keep saying that there are more Mario Kart 7 characters that haven't been announced yet, so if there is, then what character do you want to be in Mario Kart 7? Here is a link to the Mario Kart 7 official website...
  • Forum Post: Does anyone know what this could be worth?

    I'm thinking about posting it on Ebay and I would like an idea of what the starting bid should be.
  • Forum Post: Hey Guys.....Has anybody heard about the "Luigi's MANSION 2" or Know Anything?

    The other day I was on google images for my avator for GIO to a simple idea.When I came across something that said "Luigi's MANSION 2" the front cover for Wii. I'll post the pic ASAP in the comments.But,anyways do you guys know anything about or heard about it would be really...
  • Forum Post: Club Nintendo

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there's a thread for this yet. Anyway, the Club Nintendo year ends tomorrow, and I just took some last-minute surveys to nab Platinum status for the year. Can't wait to see what the Platinum rewards will be! Last year it was a Mario hat. Who...
  • Forum Post: Mario Madness?

    What ever happened to the best mario game poll, they got up to the final bracket between Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros 3 but they never announced who the winner was?
  • Forum Post: screw that super mario wii crap; we want a super mario 4 in the tune of mega man 9 and 10.

    i think putting 3-d graphics to a 2-d sidescroller is lazy and takes away form the nostalgia of playing these games as a kid. why don't they make a super great super long 8-bit mario game? if they do... then and only then will i bow down to the wii and say "that'll do pig... that'll...
  • Forum Post: What will be the Nintendo Game of 2010?

    Alright, I log in, and all of a sudden see a flood, a flood of Nintendo news all over the GI home page. So what's gonna be the Nintendo game of the year in 2010?
  • Forum Post: What is the Best Mario Game?

    Personally I think maybe the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Sunshine, and Paper Mario. You choose.
  • Forum Post: Which Franchise is Better: Mario or Zelda?

    Recently I've been playing a lot of Mario and Link games. Tons of them. Personally, I prefer Mario, but I really love Link too. Which franchise/character. whatever is your favorite?
  • Forum Post: Top 10 Mario Games of All time?!?!?!

    As a fan of top 10 lists I decided to post a one devoted to Mario. Feel free to put Mario Karts or others. All of these games are great, and feel free to comment on other users lists. Here goes... 10. Super Mario 2 9. Mario Kart 64 8. Super Mario Sunshine 7. Super Mario Bros 6. New Super Mario Bros 5...
  • Forum Post: What do you want in the next Mario Paint?

    I know theirs FlipNote Studio for the DSi but what if there was a "New Mario Paint" for the Wii & DSi? What new features do you think Nintendo should add?
  • Forum Post: The Official "What Nintendo Game Should I Get" Thread

    I have a new-ish DSi. As of now all I own is Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, and Scribblenauts. I need some more games worth playing to add to my small collection. I do not own them as of now, but I have played and beat all of the Mario Bros. games for DS. So, can anyone give me any suggestions...
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