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Are you happy with your 3DS purchase?

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  • If your like me who bought the 3DS at launch, I wanna know if your happy with it or not. Honestly I can't say I hate it but I don't love it. I'm excited for the upcoming games for it but after hearing about the price drop and the slide pad expansion I'm a little pissed at Nintendo. What do you guys think?

  • While i didnt buy mine at launch, i did buy mine in July. And while i say that i am happy with my purchase, i do wish that there were more games out. the circle pad attachment is interesting in the fact that, yes, the 2nd circle pad should have been on the system at launch. but it also adds 2 more shoulder buttons, making movement and camera controls that much easier. and the price of 249.99 i think would have been an ok price if Nintendo had more to offer when the system first came out. because with the lack of any first party games, the failure of third party developers to step up, and incomplete (still presently incomplete) os, the 3DS was not WORTH 250 at the time. thus why it was dropped in price (my opinion).

    but to recap, yes i am happy with my 3DS

  • I bought my 3DS the day it came out, and I phreaking love it, it's my favorite game system. Since I've gotten it, I've barely touched my Xbox. I personally am completely content with having paid $250 for it, it costs less then an ipod touch, and the games are console quality as opposed to crap games like angry birds on the iphone. Being able to play Ocarina of Time with remastered graphics in 3D anywhere I want is an amazing ability. The 3DS is basically a portable Wii in 3D. I also have Resident Evil Mercinaries for my 3DS, and I have put in over 100 hours into it already, if you don't have that game you should get it.

    Also, I have Resident Evil Revelations pre-ordered, and I'm quite sure it will be one of the best Resident Evil games of all time. MarioKart 7 is coming out this fall, and Animal Crossing 3DS is coming out this winter, so there are some great titles to look forward to.

    So far, it is the best hand-held game system money can buy, and since Nintendo and Capcom are my favorite videogame companies, I have lots to enjoy already. And it's in 3D of course, and if any of you have played Ocarina of Time on the 3DS you know how awesome the 3D is.

    In my opinion it was totally worth the $250, so anyone who is buying it after the price drop is getting an incredible deal.

    I personally don't think the 3DS needs the second circle pad, that's why it has the touch screen, and the touch screen worked fine for Metroid Prime Hunters. But I'm aware some people suck at playing video games, so they feel the need to 817{:-: at Nintendo for not having the second circle pad in the first place.

    Heres the thing, if you think you will use it, then buy it. But you don't "need" it to play any of the 3DS games.

  • Had mine since launch, and I'm a satisfied customer. I love the StreetPass feature!

  • I would say it's ok. It needs more games, but with a new Super Smash Brothers coming out, and Luigi's Mansion 2, and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, I say It's worth it.

    Arkham City (where I currently reside) just got a Game-Stop. Now if only my GameInformer subscription address would change.......


  • I brought my 3DS in July but the price bothering me but I glad when through with it. It was a birthday when i got it and brought Dead or alive Dimesions with it. Well not really, but that was my first game with 3DS. I didn't spend  $250 I spend $280 that day because of a aswesome wii game I found called Sumurai warriors 3, so addicting. I looking into Luigi's Mansion 2 ,Mario kart 7 & Sonic Generation that is come up.

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