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What are you looking forward to most in Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS?

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  • Hey everyone. Just wanted to gauge some opinions on what the gaming community is looking forward to in the upcoming Smash Bros. duo of titles now that we finally have info to chew on with the news out of E3 and the updating Smashbros.com website.

    Personally, I'm looking forward mostly to how the game will feel while I'm playing it. It's easy to say that I'm excited for new characters and ways to fight, but what makes the series to me is always the pacing and feel of it all. Sakurai has already teased a bit that the development team and Namco Bandai are taking a lot from Melee in terms of feel, speed, and mechanics, so it should be pretty exciting and so far from the videos we've seen, the games looks very promising in all aspects.

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  • I cant wait for the new online multiplayer (im sure it will have something better than Brawl). I really cant wait to easily add people to my friends list through Miiverse to play this game. It'll be fun to be competitive with the other online players and to see where I stack up in comparison to everyone else.

    When a guy I know gets a Wii U and this game, playing together will be a piece of cake. I also want to know how all the new and old characters control. It'll be great to pick a new main and get really good with them. The new stages seem cool too and I can wait for all the surprises from the characters and the stages!

    Something so  is bound to be a lot of fun and I hope it can live up to my expectations. I can already tell that I'll enjoy it so this game is definitely in my top five. I cant wait for its release and I hope I see plenty of people online playing it.

  • I agree that the feel is a crucial factor. Maybe I'm old school, but I really enjoyed the game cube Smash and when I played the Wii Smash I was a bit disappointed. I loved the physics on the game cube (e.g. mid air floating dodge). With the Wii version I thought everything was a comfortable leap forward (new characters, interactive levels, new super smash moves, etc.) except for the feel / physics. If I remember correctly (I never got a Wii - just played it a few times at a friends) the characters felt a little bit heavier.

    As for the new Smash I didn't know they were making it for the 3ds. I heard about a similar game (I think Capcom was making it?) with a variety of characters from different series. As for the WiiU I'll have to look into it. I didn't get the Wii because of the weird two handed controller - I just couldn't get used to it.

  • I would like the idea of making a profile character that is awesome and unique, but I wolud like new sonic`s games and pokemon characters appear because just sonic and pikachu (super smash bros brawl characters) not be their game only characters

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