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Why Should I Buy a Wii U?

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  • I've never been a supporter of buying any console on day one. There's no articles or prerelease parties that can beat letting the system be out a few months and see what it does.

  • Yea and the fact that there usually aren't a lot of good games coming out on day one. I mean ZombiU is the only one I would get right now. The rest are either re-releases of  games I already played or games that I just don't care to play. But it would be cool to be one of the first with a new system.

  • If you need to be convinced to buy the console then you should probably wait.  Knowing Nintendo their will be a decent price drop in the first 12 months or so.  IMO the only reason to buy a console on release is if there is a game you MUST have.  If you would just like to try a launch game or two then what is the rush?

    Of course you can always pick it up and put it on Ebay.  Maybe make $100 or so off of it.

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  • That's a very good point. My family has a Wii that they use and I could see if they want to trade it in and replace it with the Wii U. Then it might be worth it to get it on day one if they will all be using it. The Ebay idea ain't too bad either.

  • Maki:

    Well you cant travel with it so.

    You can't travel with an Xbox 360 or PS3 either, so what's your point?

  • I think it's a bizarre shame that you can't find anything to peak your interest in getting the Wii U, especially since no Nintendo console--ever--has had a launch line up this strong, or this varied.

    The only thing it's missing is an RPG, and maybe the ultimate Dungeons and Dragons "Dungeon Master" edition of their classic tabletop game--which needs to happen, to be perfectly frank.


    I'm only getting one or two games along with it at launch--which, realistically, is all anyone should need for a new console right at launch.  By the time any normal person has derived their enjoyment from those and is ready to move on, more choices will be there.  For instance, I'm getting the 32GB version, which comes with Nintendo Land, and Zombi U.  I'm considering Darksiders or even CoD, which I usually would not bother with, but hey, I feel a gamer is only a really good gamer if they're willing to crawl out from under their comfort blanket and be experimental with buying new, different, or unfamiliar franchises.  Most likely, though, I'll probably grab Tekken Tag 2.


    For instance, the launch of the 3DS was the first time I'd ever purchased a Ghost Recon title of any kind.  And it was, outside of Street Fighter IV, the best game on the 3DS at launch.  I took a chance, and had a fantastic time with the game.  Later, bought Ace Combat for 3DS on the same whim.  Also awesome.


    By the time I finish Zombi U, I expect Pikmin 3 or The Wonderful 101 will be out.  Also considering Tank! Tank! Tank! to play with my kid and girlfriend. 




    That said, console launches are never representative of a system's overall performance, nor do they often feature the best selection.  Console launches are for hardcore fans, fanboys, hardcore gamers, and tech junkies (eBayers don't count since they are marketing to one of the groups I mentioned).  The vast, vast majority of consoles launch with less-than-stellar selections of games.  The Wii U has managed a pretty impressive line-up that only the most stern anti-Nintendo fanboy could truly balk at.

    Basically, you'd only really find problems with this launch line-up if you're seriously just looking for something to hate because you prefer hatred or dumping on games over actually enjoying them, somehow.  Every (and I find this term cliche) "hater" excuse is easily dismissed.  

    Too many ports?  That's every launch line-up.  

    Price too "high?" Welcome to gaming, you must be new at this.  

    No system sellers?  Define a system seller.  I remember a guy on here trying to tell me that A) the Wii U has no system sellers and that B) sports games could be system sellers.  The Wii U has sports games, so he's wrong in one capacity, and I would guess he's wrong because he prefers hating something to understanding it.

    The Wii U is just to different and weird.  No it's not--not if you bothered to learn anything about the history of Nintendo, and that ALL of their consoles were, at one time, a little weird.  The NES was a front-loader and had the first modern d-pad.  Weird!!  The SNES had the first modern face button configuration, and SHOULDER buttons.  Weird!!  The N64 introduced the analog stick, memory card slot in the controller, 4 controller ports, and rumble features.  Weird!!!  The GameCube featured three expansion ports, and a uniquely designed controller, and smaller DVD-style disks.  Weird!!!!  The Wii had motion controls.  Weird!!!!!

    How many of these things became industry standards after the fact?  Keeping in mind that we evolved beyond memory cards in controllers--but the idea was still used by bot Sega and Microsoft after Nintendo.


    I'm a gamer.  I love games and gaming and have no blind hatred for any company. I can't wait for the Wii U to get here.   

  • I don't think the WiiU launch is that great, but again I think most launches aren't great. It's not bad, just not terrific. It's not the ports, though I'll be interested to see how many do something unique with the gamepad, or the price. Just lack of any game that really feels new and like a change. Mario is still mario, Zombie U is just another zombie game that has yet to impress other than it uses the gamepad. Plus the lack of a Zelda or Metroid or more heavy hitters brings it down from fantastic.

    But I think the number one reason WiiU will get negativity on the launch is that they overpromised. The games that looked interesting to me that I thought were launch games aren't out at launch, and thats something people will feel slighted against.

    Which is why again I said wait and see is always the best call, because anyone claiming to know how WiiU is going to do is an idiot. No one knows what will happen. 3DS got off to a terrible start and picked up steam, people thought Vita would blow away the competition and it fell, people thought wii would change everything and instead it just introduced a new crowd of casual gamers. I've had plenty friends who bought wii's day one and ended up selling them back, I've had plenty of friends who bought PS3's day one and then got mad when I got mine much much cheaper later on.

    Time is the only good way of telling whether a system is good or not. First day buying is never a good idea. You wouldn't spend 300 bucks on a meal if you only knew what the appetizer was, shouldn't be any different here.

  • Ok I didn't need a rant about how much you hate haters (which I find kinda funny), I am just looking for some more information to help me make my decision. There are a few things that peak my interest about the Wii U that is making me consider getting it on day one which I mentioned in my original post (the tablet controller, Wii TVii, and some of the console exclusives, like ZombiU and Pikmin 3, look like they would be a lot of fun). I'm not very interested in most of the launch titles because a lot of them are sports games, games I have already played on other systems, or party/dance/workout games that I don't have any interest in playing. I am more of an FPS and RPG fan and I will get a better online experience with FPS games on my Xbox 360 than I will get on the Wii U. I do not know much about all the different features and what not that the Wii U will have so I was just asking for some help finding more information, and if you thought I was saying "I hate the Wii U and I have no reason to buy it" then you misinterpreted my post.

  • Yeah, don't man the diehard nintendo kids. Somewhere down the line they stopped being able to distinguish hatred from skepticism.

    Pikmin 3 isn't a day one launch title anymore though. And RPG's do look light at launch as well.

  • What's the longest you can hold a preoreder thing before you either have to get it or they give it to someone else... That could be useful information

  • They usually only hold games for two days after its released because they usually get restocked pretty quickly. I'm assuming they would hold a system longer because it takes a while to get another shipment of new systems.

  • My concern about the Wii U if it will let me port my games I bought at the Wii shop.  Or if the Wii U will see that I own this specific Wii number I.D. and will let me download for free on the Wii U.  Because I don't feel like buying all the game I had from Wii Shop again :C

  • I'm pretty sure they came out and said everything on virtual console will move over.

    Could be wrong

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