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Are Mario games simply stupid?

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  • I'm a new member of this site. I am a 13 year old gamer, and I don't understand why people older than me actually like Mario. I simply do not get it. My opinion of it, is that it just looks like a game little kids would enjoy. But TEENAGERS? Jumping on bricks, controlling some little italian guy, with blue overalls, while collecting rings, and jumping on enemies, killing them? How is that actually fun, when you can play as a soilder and BLOW STUFF UP in games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Bad Company, or maybe solve puzzles like in Tomb Raider?


    For me, I personally find these kind of games just, simply so much more.... Desirable, more interesting, and more mature looking than Mario. It really doesn't matter to me how much Mario has changed the gaming industry either. That's just my opinion.



    I think the Mario games are, stupid. But why do so many others like it?

    "Wormpuke." I like the name. It suits me.



    It's preference dude. Not everyone likes action/shooter games.

    Older people play Mario for nostalgia. For some of us, Mario is what introduced us to video games. Leaving him would be like leaving our long lover.

    Plus, Mario's a lot harder than you think. Sure, a toddler could get past World 1-1, but only a skilled gamer at the platforming genre can get past World 8-3 and World 8-4.


    Now if you want to discuss the storyline to Mario, then yes, it's stupid. You're talking about an Italian plumber saving a princess from a turtle/dragon hybrid in a world of talking mushrooms. If you eat a non-talking mushroom, you "power up." If you eat a flower, you spit fireballs. 

    Among bad guys are armless brown objects and jumping turtles.

    However, it was the randomness that made it unique for its time. Without these crazy things, it would only be another platformer.


  • They may "look" stupid, but they're not. They're very challenging, very fun platforming games that aren't for the weak at heart. I give my girlfriend a lot of grief about her loving the Mario games, but that's only because she's better at them than me. She beat everything there is to beat on New Super Mario Bros. DS. I'm a Sonic guy myself, loved him since the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. She hates Sonic, so it's like a house divided here. lol

  • They are cool. Im 13 and there great. They look really stupid and gay. But there not! Mario is one of the best game series ever. The make no sence but u have to play mario games to see what there all about. Many older gamers play them for nostalgia. Mario makes no sence but it rocks!


    ps- with out mario there would be no nintendo, with out nintendo there would be no golden eye 007, with out golden eye 007 there would be no good fps.

  • Age has nothing to do with a game's quality. Just because a teenager is playing a Mario game rather than a FPS doesn't mean the teen nor the game is "stupid" or "gay."

  • Mario Rocks!

  • Mario may be weird, it may seem outdated and "uncool", but it will always be fun. The original is arguably what made gaming an industry instead of a niche market, and every reiteration brings something innovative and fun to the table.

    If all you play is first person shooters, that's fine. But you're really missing out.

  • not that big of a fan of mario games.

  • Obvious troll is obvious.

    It's so hilarious when they first descend upon relatively fresh, naive web communities. Comparable to the experience of the crews on the first ships to arrive on the isle of Mauritius, who found these strange looking, oversized birds that walked right up to people.


    "I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions!"

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  • Well, *ahem*, I'M a 15 year old TEENAGER, and I don't always like just blowing stuff up. I appreciate those clever games with good stories. Yes, if you just saw a Mario game for the first time it may look very stupid and for toddlers, but it is actually challenging even for hardcore gamers.

    CaNdLE + LiiGHT = OWNAGE

  • Wow. Wormpuke, go back to playing CoD. Thats where all the noobs populate. Mario is one of the greatest game of all time. It is ageless. And, on later worlds, extremely difficult. Heck, if mario never happened, video games may not have gotten very far. Shame on you.

  • Oh yeah, catching little stars with faces on them "rocks."

    "Wormpuke." I like the name. It suits me.


  • I see no reason why I should be ashamed for not liking a game you happen to like.

    "Wormpuke." I like the name. It suits me.


  • Dude, you fail to realize how important Mario is to gaming. He made games popular. If you don't like Mario games, fine. But saying you fail to see how fun Mario is shows a UTTER amount of ignorance. Games aren't, as you put it, for "Playing as a soldier and BLOWING STUFF UP!"

    Actually post when you have a argument to back your logic up. And I personally love the Halo series, and FPS is my favorite genre, but seriously, implying that its dumb for teenagers to play Mario? What a MORONIC act.

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