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About Nintendo... **Locked**

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  • Has anyone else found that Nintendo makes really shallow average games (Ex. Metroid) and releases them all the time and the press gets pumped up for them? Don't get me wrong I own a Wii and all sorts of games for it and I would be lying if I said I never had fun playing the Wii but I think it might kill Nintendo to make a new franchise that doesn't only cater to the Brain Age fans has anyone else got fed of with all the Nintendo re-releases? I actually had a creative visual arts class in which the midterm was actually to take a Nintendo franchise and "Modernize" or "Mature" it, this was amazingly hard and it made me notice that Nintendo rarely if ever leaves their comfort zone. I passed.

  • Hasn't this thread already been made by you?


    Please don't make duplicate threads on the GI Forums.



  • I was told it was on the wrong forum so I switched it

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