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  • Has anyone else found that Nintendo makes really shallow average games (Ex. Metroid) and releases them all the time and the press gets pumped up for them? Don't get me wrong I own a Wii and all sorts of games for it and I would be lying if I said I never had fun playing the Wii but I think it might kill Nintendo to make a new franchise that doesn't only cater to the Brain Age fans has anyone else got fed of with all the Nintendo re-releases? I actually had a creative visual arts class in which the midterm was actually to take a Nintendo franchise and "Modernize" or "Mature" it, this was amazingly hard and it made me notice that Nintendo rarely if ever leaves their comfort zone. I passed.

  • I agree Nintendo needs imrove some hardcore adjustments, but I think this post should have been in the Nintendo section not the General Gaming section.

  • I now put this in the Nintendo forum


  • one of the number one rules of the forums. Dont make the same thread twice.

    I'm a Legendary GI member.

  • I haven't made much threads myself, so I'm not sure if you can edit this thread and put it in the Nintendo Forum.

    If not, it is better to have a mod doing it for you rather than creating a duplicate thread to resolve the issue. EDIT - It's already been done! :-)


    As for the topic of this thread, it seems that Nintendo has been only releasing shallow games simply to be safe. The only people that seem to be taking risks are the third-party companies, and it never pays off when they do so. 

    Let's face it. Most Nintendo fans buy a Wii to play Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. I was reading an article on IGN that was showcasing the upcoming Wii games of 2010, but it really seems that they really had to scrape up titles other than the main three ones that I have already stated. I will not deny that there are some hardcore Wii fans that take advantage of the quality third-party titles such as Madworld and No More Heroes, but there are simply not enough sales to justify the developers into making more.


  • True! Mario is also great on the wii but it is a follow up from nintendo DS games.


  •    yeah, Nintendo is really letting me down with the new releases. im a hardcore Nintendo gamer. started playing 007 Golden Eye on the N64 when I was 5. ever since then I only bought Nintendo systems. 

       All i want is for Nintendo to step up and make a mature game catering to the hardcore gamers only. For example, I want a new Wii-vised version of Conker's Bad Fur Day. IMO best game ever created by Rare Ware. (btw, what ever happened to them?)  and, for some of the games, they just need to add online play.

  • @ Tyrant6

    Sadly, Rareware got acquired by Microsoft. :-(

    That's why on the Xbox, we've seen the sequel to Perfect Dark, a remake of Conker's Bad Fur Day, as well as a sequel to Banjo Kazooie.

    They may still be the same franchises, but they've lost the magic since they moved to Microsoft...

    Rareware was probably the best developer for Nintendo, starting off with the original Donkey Kong Country.

  • @Tyrant6

    The definition of a "hardcore" is not "violent and adult". It is generally accepted to mean "more difficult or deep; intended for those who play video games often". So, Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime, and others are all hardcore by that definition.

    In my opinion, if Nintendo were to release a super-mature M-rated game, it would mean that they had given up and submitted to the desensitized masses. Give me primary colors and magical mushrooms any day.

    I like girls. But now... It's about justice.

  • They have already tried releasing Mature-rated games, like Madworld, Dead Space: Extraction, and No More Heroes. However, they never make the sales that the developers wanted.

    Because of this, developers have seldom released mature titles on the Wii.

    If I had to guess why there aren't a lot of sales for mature titles, I would say it's because the Wii is a family-oriented system that does good enough with Mario, Zelda, and Metroid.

    Nintendo wasn't always family-oriented though... I remember a wide array of games for the N64 that got plenty of success. I miss the good ol' days... :-(

  •      sergantluke, i know that.

                 i dont want mindless killing zombie games like most M games are today. what i was getting at with conkers was for a game to have a storyline that isnt repetative killing, and have a good multiplayer that keeps you interested in the game.                     

                  like i still go back and play conkers for hours on end since its so much fun, and i can play against AI bots or friends, or both!  conkers was IMO the perfect mix of mature gaming with a story line that was actually fun and not repetative. the reason madworld didn't get me to buy it, was because it looked repetative with just mindless killing throughout the entire story.

  • Well, one of the more annoying things with Nintendo is that when they're not releasing another Wii Fit or another mini-game collection, they're mostly making Mario, Zelda, Metroid, or Pokemon.  Nintendo has tons of other franchises.  Where's Donkey Kong?  Where's Kid Icarus?  Heck, I'd even want another Star Tropics.  There's others but you get the point. They could use to branch out into some of their other franchises instead of constantly sticking with the most popular ones.

  • yeah, i want to see some castlevania for wii that are actualy worth buying. maybe some more stealth type games like rainbow 6

  • Well Nintendo basically released nothing last year. What did we get? Punch Out, Excitebots, Wii Fit+ and New Super Mario Bros = NES trash, Step Backwards for the Excite Series, Instant fail expansion Pak that adds great content that can't be used with a hit new mode, and Super Mario Bros. 5. I haven't messed with SMB 5, I don't wanna be disappointed. Everyone loved that awful DS game, I won't trust them with this one.

    A Boy and His Blob looked great and very faithful while expanding on some gameplay. It's what I would more than likely buy first of the Nintendo games released last year.

    We're just ignoring 3rd parties right now, even though I fel there've been many great quality releases.

    This year however has a lot of good in store for us. Sin & Punishment 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Xenoblade, Zelda Wii, Metroid Other M, Endless Ocean 2 and Zangeki.

    Don't dismiss S&P 2 because it's a rail shooter. Most people dump on the genre if it isn't a Star Fox game or Typing of the Dead.

    The two sequels to Wii games will be epic in comparison to their debuts. Zelda and Metroid are getting their first real Wii games. Xenoblade is a new IP developed by Monolith and Zangeki is Nintendo of Japan's first real release of a M rated game. Well it's Cero 0/D, but it's equivalent to our 'M'.

    This ignores the fact that we don't have the full release list for the year, the games I forgot, the DS and 3rd parties.

    Personally I'd prefer two Star Fox games for the Wii, F-Zero, a new Pikmin, a new Mach Rider, new Paper Mario series game, New Donkey Kong that respects Donkey Kong, and most importantly, a new Baten Kaitos game. It must have a multiplayer mode as brilliant as the single player with online battles and more deck optimization options.

    Nintendo's just... grazing by but they aren't being all that they can be. They rely on Mario too much, put that guy to sleep. Develop some of your other brands so that they can deliver when and where Mario cannot. We should've had a spinoff of F-Zero right now that focus on individual pilots. Where's our new Luigi's Mansion? Why is Pilot Wings so horribly absent? I know the Wii Apes the NEW, but we should have had a new Super Scope game. Wii Play is not the idea replacement for a real Duck Hunt game. Make Sega bring us Virtua Fighter and Shenmue.

  • Well, I noticed the last zelda was pretty shallow, as far as story is concerned. Scratch that, TP was shallow alround. So, I'd admit you have a point. But this issue is one that faces the whole game industry, not just Nintendo. Consider why everyone and their grandma is making a game about a muscle bound space soldier fighting alien monsters?

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