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  • [quote user="styx971"]



    ""   My girlfriend says the name sounds like Wii U sounds like someone with a speech impediment playing Street Fighter.  "I'm gonna use Wii-U an' figh Ken."

    sadly thats just about the 1st thing i thought of when he said the name


    " Nintendo didn't alienate their fans, they catered too heavily to them with all the Mario crap.  And they certainly didn't lose them."

    being a fan of nintendo i didn't feel catered to at all aside from what you expect from them being marrio zelda n what not i didn't really like anything they had  wii sports was stupid wii play sucked along with wii music wii fit while works isn't a game wii party sucked  compared to mario party

    but yeah i'd say the wii had bad - horrible games mostly with a few gems even by nintendo. so i don't think they catered to there fans i think they looked to get more ppl and they bought it look at how many old ppl  n old folks homes like wii  thats the ppl they got i think most games on it were for little kids :/



    I was going to respond to this, but then I realized that you lack the ability to organize your thoughts into print form because I can't understand a freakin' bit of your post.  

    But then, since you evidentially lack basic writing skills, your post probably didn't contain a whole lot to spur an intelligent conversation anyway.