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  • I have no problems with the controller and I'm sure that Nintendo will have some suprises in the future that will turn heads. However, I probably won't buy the Wii U (sounds vaugely like an emergency vehicle siren sound) until I see some Retro Studios love. Anything Retro is an instant system seller for me... which is why I didn't have much Wii buyer's remorse (or 3DS, now I see that they're assisting in the development of Mario Kart. DKCR-based tracks?).

    I can see it now - Retro with the best artists around, showing once and for all that Wii U is the new standard of console graphics (this is a daydream, not a prediction). Granted, I'm no graphics fiend, but the more powerful the Wii U is, the more beautiful a game Retro could create. Ahhh...

    Smash Bros. 4 thrills me, but I might just stick to the 3DS version and save $300+. Pikmin 3 sound interesting, but I never really got into the series (although Pikmin 2 was fun).

    Above all, I'm excited for when I'm (finally!) getting Wi-Fi later this year. The wait is killer. If I want to update my 3DS, I have to go to (ugh) McDonalds.