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  • [quote user="Phaizran"]


    The 3DS caused a lot of brand confusion too. I wouldn't be surprised if people still didn't understand that its a new system not another redesign.

    As for the second part, I didn't make it clear enough that that was a closing statement to sum up my oppinion on the system overall, my bad . I wasn't refering to the code name change I was refering to how the system code named Revelution ended being a casual gaming mess that alienated Nintendo's fans.


    Actually, the Nintendo fanboys didn't abandon the Wii, like any Nintendo system, they remained the biggest supporters, hence the ridiculous sales of all the unnecessary Mario-branded crap.  

    I'm no fanboy of Nintendo (maybe Metroid and Contra), and I enjoyed the Wii, but I became a huge Xbox360 fan because I wanted the hardcore games.  The Wii still had them, and I supported a many of them.  But I wanted BioShock and Dead Space and Left 4 Dead, etc.

    Nintendo didn't alienate their fans, they catered too heavily to them with all the Mario crap.  And they certainly didn't lose them.