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  • Well, I called it--no harddrive.  They'd better include a bigger SD card with the thing than they did with the 3DS.  

    The smallish size of the system likely backs up rumors I've heard, and the theory I've had that the system will be, technologically, in the same generation as the Xbox360 and PS3--namely because the system isn't physically large enough to house some incredible new tech, but more inline to house streamlined "same tech" as the X360 and PS3.  Also, Nintendo hasn't released any specifics on the GPU or CPU.  Hmmmmmmmmm.....


    I'm digging the controller and the massive 3rd party support, but I wonder if it's going to be too little too late.  A lot of bonafide hardcore gamers like myself have already switched to Xbox or Playstation for our hardcore 3rd party gaming.  I'm inclined to continue my hardcore gaming on the Xbox360 for now, and I hope that Nintendo can manage some unique 3rd party exclusives--kinda like Deadly Creatures, Muramasa, etc. were on the Wii.  Then of course, there are the idiot Nintendo fanboys who never support hardcore or 3rd party gaming on Nintendo's systems.  So, awesome to see such a selection of 3rd party games announced, but a shame that Nintendo fans will just find reasons to whine and complain and not buy the games. 


    I was wrong on them keeping the Wii moniker, but I completely get what they're doing and I agree with it completely.  They've found a way to maintain their Wii controllers and peripherals, and a way to expand what can be done with them moving into the future.  My girlfriend says the name sounds like Wii U sounds like someone with a speech impediment playing Street Fighter.  "I'm gonna use Wii-U an' figh Ken."


    With no word on price, however, I still feel this thing is going to be ridiculously expensive, especially the controllers.  And if Nintendo is smart, they'll continue including games with the system as they have with the DSi XL, Wii, and 3DS.  


    Again, though--I like it, and amazingly, Nintendo managed to pull another golden egg out of their butt.  I'm thrilled to see how this gets used.


    As per Nintendo's press conference--I was immensely disappointed to not see Pikmin 3, Xenoblade, Last Story, or Pandora's Tower.  Apparently the only things coming to the Wii this year are Zelda and a new Kirby game.