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  • Well I might not even use 3d all the time, I'm just pumped for the games, kid icarus, orcarina, mgs, street fighter, resident evil, mario, and so many more that I didn't name or or not out yet.

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  • an excellent jest:

    ..if its not all the way 3d then there is no point...

    Not really. The different levels are there for that reason. It's 3D no matter what, the two images just move further apart the higher it is, thus requiring more concentration. It may gimp the distance a bit, but depth is depth.

  • good point...that is true but i still dont know if i can get used to it

  • There is actually an official 3DS thread here. Next time before making a thread, use the search bar and look under the discussions tab for related threads. Or just look through a few pages in a board. Thanks.

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