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The Gameboy(s) you never knew...

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  • I remember the first game i ever got was Pokemon Yellow for the Game Boy Color, and the first game really liked was Gold/Silver. Now if only i had stopped losing those things, i might have fonder memories of those things...

    and i remember the micro, but not the Mark II or Play it Loud!! never even heard of them before, to be honest

    During the Wii's console cycle, only 2 games got a perfect score from GI. Both were Zelda games.

    gg, Nintendo. gg.

  • @samgamereviews

    I am even worse with handhelds. I had 3 GB Colors, 3 GB SP's (including the MK II. Screen cracked), and I am on my 4th DS(my top screen broke on the first 3).

    I remember the micro, but I have never heard of the Play it Loud! Game boy.

  • mine did to , i infact broke mine

  • I remember the GBA Mark II and the Micro, but what was the Play it loud! GameBoy?  


    Nevermind.  I googled it.  Here's a wiki on the GameBoy line, if anyone wants to check out the different models.  Apparently there was also a GB called the GameBoy Light which had a built in backlight, but that was Japan only.  Pretty interesting stuff.



  • Unfortunately my GameBoy (Original) broke a couple years back.  It's too bad, I still loved playing Tetris on it, at least I still have the games.

  • Oh lets see... I have two original GameBoys. One doesn't work anymore. It was the first one I ever had, in white. Got the AC adapter and the screen light for it. The light no longer works.

    Then the other original is a see-thru plastic, still in working condition.

    THEN I had the Game Boy Color, the sound doesn't work on it anymore.

    After so long I got the Game Boy SP. Still works like new, infact, I've been playing Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga on it. I got the GameChanger expansion for it. Lets you keep 3 games in the SP and you can change them with a flip of a switch. Also makes it bigger (Thanks GI for reviewing it about 5 years ago!)

    Never knew about the Mark II, I've played a Micro. Nothing fancy. Played the pocket, Pikachu Game Boy Color, the regular GB Advance (my friend bought like every peripheral for it. Then the SP came out...), the DS and the DS Lite.

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  • Does anybody know what the sales were for the micro???

    I can't imagine it would be that much considering the fact that almost nobody has ever heard of it, and that the DS was already out.

    I am a mac gamer and proud of it.


  • I was the proud owner of an original grey brick Game Boy, carrying it around everywhere in my hot little hands. Until the fateful day that I lost it... I had no idea how or where I had lost it, but after days of searching, it was definitely gone. Eventually I replaced it with a green Play It Loud Game Boy, and happily held onto it until I eventually replaced it with my Game Boy Color, but I still mourned the loss of my old grey friend.

    Years later, I was wandering through a thrift store with my parents, and I saw someone's old discarded grey Game Boy. I picked it up and popped some batteries into it, checking to see if it worked... and as I held it in my hands, I felt something familiar. You know how other people's controllers and handhelds always feel slightly different than your own? Somehow, this Game Boy didn't have the unfamiliar feeling... it felt like it was MINE.

    I can't remember how much I paid for it, but I remember that it was a steal. I'll never know for sure if it was my Game Boy or not, but something in my heart screams "yes", and I'm not quite jaded enough to doubt those feelings.

    Never owned a Game Boy Pocket or a Game Boy Micro, but I hope to remedy that at some point. Especially if I can get ahold of a Mother 3 version of the Micro.

  • How about the Gameboy lite?

    The Japan only GB with a Backlight?

    Not Color

    Jran Sakarra

  • Lol, my first Game Boy was an original as well (feel like I'm dating myself a bit). Then two Colors. Two Advances (one original and an SP) and finally a DS. Besides the Micro, can't say I've heard of any of the others. But will check them out

  • My first was GB pocket, then moved to an Advanced. After it quit working (left it on the dash with the defrost on hot) I got an SP to replace it. Couldn't play it much because my hands were too big for it, but then I got the Game Changer add on and it was golden. It still works even. Never heard of Micro or Play it Loud....

    Vae Victus

  • I remember it. But only when I tried to list all Nintendo consoles. It's like it never existed.

    I'm back. (Original Username: TheDarkKnigh7

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  • I was pretty close to getting a Play It Loud.  They had them tied into a company wide campaign because SNES was stereo.  I might still have the NP that features them somewhere.  IIRC, it was because I really never played my original GB (no love for the pea matrix), and I took it to mean that the fancy fruity colors meant that the screen would be color.  Disappointed, I tried several times to sell my GB and games, but they all just ended up back in their original packages in the back of the closet for a looooong time.  I never did buy any other handheld, but the nostalgia alone makes the original worth its keep now.

    Don't forget:

  • Nope, sorry, I never owned a Micro.:/

    I did own a Color, an Advance, and an SP though.

    My first was the Gameboy Color.

    I might have owned the original, but I don't remember. :/

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