(This is a repost by me since I posted this on "General Gaming" which I am now posting it onto "Everything Nintendo" so it makes more sense and for anyone who did not see it before.)

This thought was like one of those showering thoughts. If we have tournaments ranging from different online games, fighting games, or even sports games, why can't there be a Mario Kart tournament? EVO is filled with fighting and competitive games with many contenders with expert skills but why not relax to watch some Mario Kart? Correct me if I'm wrong but is there really much skill in Mario Kart? Most likely yes with perfect drifts, shortcuts, memorization AND RAINBOW ROAD, but the power ups is what really makes it competitive to see who wins. I'm not only talking about Mario Kart 8 through the internet but every Mario Kart 8. Take it back to the first Mario Kart for SNES. 

Different sections with different Mario Kart games. A booth filled entirely for SNES Mario Kart, then onto Mario Kart 64, Mario Double Dash on Gamecube, Mario Kart Super Circuit on GBA, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 for 3DS, and Mario Kart 8 on Wii U. Whether you're a master at the old or new, different players can come in and play either one of their favorites. Also, players are given the choice on which controller they would like to use. Whether they are use to having a regular controller such as the Wii controller and Wii U Pad or even the wheel accessory. The choice will be theirs to how they are fitted with the game. Gather around, race each other on big screens, and just have fun. Maybe one or two people raging over a blue shell, but still this is a tournament that I believe would have people over the edge of their seat not only for just one player but for all! Fighting tournaments are just, "I don't know who I want to win. I'll just watch and clap" while a Mario Kart tournament with friends would have everyone shouting at a near victory or amazing stunt done by a player. Yes I do believe this would be somewhat difficult due to the split screen on a huge screen but this is still exciting! 

In conclusion, a Mario Kart Tournament should be considered. Different sections of Mario Kart games throughout the series to whoever is more comfortable with that version. Many players lined up to race it out. Not much skill needed since it's all considered on the power ups and how they're used or placed. Over the edge excitement and fun either playing or just watching. Exciting stunts or moves that can be done. The choice of picking the type of controller or wheel accessory you'd like to use. There can be a lot of potential to seeing something like this and I would definitely watch a live stream of this. Has anyone else thought about this or thinks this can work? Let me here your opinions!