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  • So I joined CN not too long ago and found out that I could earn coins to get prizes by buying Nintendo games. Then I went to look at their prizes... The prizes were terrible. Greeting cards, stickers, old games, Wii Remote wrist straps and a cleaning cloth...? They had a few better prizes like a poster and a couple shirts but these costed tons of coins which means you'd have to pay hundreds of dollars worth of real money. It also seems they have a harder time keeping the better rewards in stock.

    Then I heard that the crappy prizes were more exclusive to CN of America and how Japan got all the better stuff so I checked it out. It didn't seem worlds better to me but they do get better stuff like a Yoshi plush, a game that actually isn't old or indie and game soundtracks, and those are just the regular rewards not platinum. Back to CN of America, there was only one thing I wanted and that was the Yoshi's New Island shirt. I finally got 800 coins and was finally happy to be able to claim my prize but once I got to the rewards page, I saw that it was gone.

    The platinum rewards are also a joke, I reached Platinum status and the choices really aren't much better than the normal rewards. Most are either old or indie games and only 2 newer games, being DKC Returns 3D and Game and Wario. I already have DKC Returns on Wii so that leaves me with one choice. These are also just digital games. I don't understand why they wouldn't have things like figurines or more t-shirts, plushies or the like, or things that actually make your membership feel worthwhile instead of old games you could get for 5 dollars on the eshop.


  • I don't know what the problem is with Club Nintendo as of late. It used to be a lot better a couple of years ago, and even recently prior to 2014 they had the occasional good price, like the Luigi's Mansion figurine. The program has pretty much plummeted since the new year though. While it never was as good as Club Nintendo of Japan, I'd least at like to see it recover to how it used to be a couple of years ago.

  • Yeah I heard it used to be better than it is now but man... lol. These "prizes" now (if you can even call them that) are pathetic. I've even read how some people won't support Nintendo anymore if they keep doing this crap since it's sort of like a slap in the face. I don't know since I'm fairly new to CN but it would be nice to get Nintendo merchandise that you can't really get anywhere else instead of a greeting card or wrist strap... lol.

  • I've been upset with Club Nintendo as well. You think that they would keep all of the prizes up there, but more of them are disappearing or "sold out" each week it seems. The Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversery items were pretty cool, but they didn't last long.

    I want to get the The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds three-poster set, but it's been sold out for months now. Nothing else worth getting really.

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