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Party like its 1599, mario approved

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  • Nintendo is running out of ideas. Don't believe me? Mark your calender for November 22nd, Mario party 10, or Mario party: island tour, is coming out. And it looks about as exiting as the 9 wastes of plastic that came before it. However, this post isn't about dead weight numaro dix, but the first 6 words of this paragraph. Nintendo is running out of ideas. 

    Remember Legend of Starfy? That unique little sidescroller about a starfish who was trying to save a space- bunny? Not exactly a rich plotline, but a good game, with a unique gameplay. That game was released in 2008, and its the most recent original game by nintendo! I dare you to come up with a newer one.

    There once was a time when series installments were rare. around 2006- 2009. About 3 or 4 Mario and Zelda games each. Hard to imagine a world where we wait a year for the new platformer to come out, when every other day the red "M" cap is seen on a new game cover. This is one of the reasons there is so much hype about the PS4 or XB one. There's nothing else! I think I speak for everyone when i say Nintendo, give Mario a much deserved rest. Like sports players on a team, they're no good if they're tired.

    A.H.G. Average Hero Gaming

  • Nintendo, and other developers, aren't running out of ideas.  These days, since development costs are super high, they're just unwilling to take risks.  Innovation is risk.  No matter how good your product may be, you just don't know how the consumers are going to react.

    Back in the day, we had Mario Land, Dr. Mario, Mario Picross, Mario Paint and so on.  Heck, they even slapped "Mario" on a non-Mario game!  But, all those games were received well.  You and I may not like Mario Party, but the kids love 'em and it sells.

    The problem isn't too much Mario, but too much mediocre games with "Mario" on them.

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