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  • My first was Pokemon Red with a matching red GameBoy Pocket.

    I only have one Pokemon left on my Pokedex: Kabutops...

    I got Mew with the glitch hidden in the game, where you don't fight two particular people throughout the whole game until you learn FLY, go to Lavender town, go left, and WHAM! Mew appears!

    If you look it up on Google/Youtube, I'm sure you can find it! This doesn't work with Yellow Version or (should I even say it) the GBA remakes.

    As for Gold/Silver, its internal battery that's supposed to save the game died, like many other people's. Fortunately, I got its battery replaced from a friend for $5.

    As for Ruby/Sapphire, I am still missing like 150 Pokemon...

    As for Diamond/Pearl, I only have about 90 Pokemon left, mainly from the G/S era, which should be covered with that remake coming out soon! Right?