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Where are the pokemon?

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  • Where did the Creativity go?

    The original Pokemon games were original, entertaining and always had something new. Now it seems like the newer Pokemon games are becoming half-assed and horribly structured. I have seen no new creativity in the past couple generations. I understand that after a while the idea reserve dries up, but this is just rediculous.

    What about trying something new?

    Ever since the Internet became more widely available, it has become a popular place for gamers to interact, especially now. Now, it seems, if a game does not have Internetial (yeah I made that word up) interaction capability (with the exception of the epic releases such as Skyrim...which coders on PC made a multi-player for it anyway) they flop like a guppy on the road on a hot summer day. Nintendo, it is time to end your fear of the Internet. Pokemon fans have been calling for it for years now...Where is our MMO?

    Benefits to the Players

    • Popular world with endless possibilities

    • See the greatest game series ever made expand further

    • 3D Version (not the little 3Ds blur crap) of a game popular around the world

    • Meet like-minded friends, and possibly foes to trade and battle with

    • Endless possibilities of interactive systems in the game ranging from secret bases, to Pokemon attire, houses, clans, tournaments, gyms, player clothing and much, much more.

    Benefits to Nintendo

    • Bring a higher volume of players back to Nintendo product

    • Get back on the top of the gaming world...Nintendo was once the best of the best...now they're way behind Sony and Microsoft (no offense)

    • Much, much more profits. (I'd even pay monthly to play such a game)

    • Could make it for both Wii U and PC, attracting a much higher gamer population

    If anyone is at all interested in reading a more in depth work of what could possibly be added to this, or if you just want to post your thoughts on this, feel free to reply with any questions, criticism or support you may have.

    ---Part of a Document I have typed up---

    Thoughts on a Pokemon MMORPG...

    Start with just the first gen pokemon???
    Would make for a smaller game file and less work for initial release...
    Would allow a "Beta" stage to see how many people are willing to play

    Free to play??? Maybe have special transports/clothing items for paid items/making a pokemon shiny???
    Pay to play - Would allow everyone access to the same stuff...maybe not as many people would play.

    If Free to play maybe include a buyable World change token to allow a player to transfer their character to a different world?
    (Cannot transfer out of Pangea)

    Allow players to customize their trainers(hair, skin color, age, clothes(bought at markets), ect.), maybe certain aspects of a pokemon's appearance(hair/articles of clothing) as well?

    Multiple World types:
    PvE: Both players consent to a battle
    PvP: Players can challenge outside of town at random
    PvE Double: All battles excluding wild encounters are double
    PvP Double: PVP style, same as above.
    PvP Pangea: All maps connected. PvP style

    Players would be able to travel to intergeneration maps via ferry / train only

    When traveling to different maps in a PvE or normal PvP server, pokemon are left behind in current gen to not cause GYM leaders to have lvl 100 pokemon, and also to allow people to spawn in any generation map with a fair chance

    Maybe add ability to make secret bases? Have quite a few places available
    Player Gyms(kind of like a clan)- Players have the ability to create a Gym in their secret base, can buy gym trainers and have them hold certain pokemon of the Player's to allow other players to challenge. Gym closed when player offline or not in a PvP server.

    Wild Pokemon:
    Found at random in tall grass (yes like the actual games)
    Legendaries are captured at the end of a long and difficult quest, or are just disabled to players.
    Give less ExP than trainer battles (of course)

    Teleport - Instantly go back to last healing center
    Fly - Deppending on distance can take up to 5mins (cannot travel intergeneration maps)
    Dig - Instantly exit a cave through the entrance used
    Bicycle - Allows faster traveling
    Motorcycle - Even faster than bicycle (Also bulkier than bicycle and cannot be riden in some areas)
    Ferry - Allows players to travel between gen maps by ocean
    Train - Allows players to travel between gen maps by land
    Surf - Allows players to travel on water on the back of a pokemon (the pokemon will not allow player to go over intergeneration waters)

    Items sold at markets: Items in store will vary by location
    Pokeballs (can only be used on wild pokemon of course/No masterball)
    Status Healers
    Stat Boosters
    Travel items (bicycle, motorcycle ect.) Only at certain stores
    Pokemon Accessories
    Decorations for bases
    Fishing Rods

    Pokemon shows with a set schedule. Players can earn money this way. -Fashion show-

    colosseum mode: Set time where trainers can either compete in or watch a ladder-style pokemon tournament
    Good way to earn cash. Colosseum has pokemon to choose from that the player must use.

    Different types of trainers:
    Cooltrainer: Gets a boost at pokemon shows
    Bug catcher: Bugs get extra exp
    Naturalist: Berries grow faster/have stronger effect
    Biker: Starts with a Tech 1 Motorcycle (slightly faster than a bicycle)
    Athlete: Has more stamina (can run longer distances) Starts with a bicycle
    Police: Can aid the AI police on bounty hunts and raids of Criminal Bases
    Criminal: Can rob stores at the risk of getting hunt by the police. Can join Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, ect.
    Swimmer: Doesn't need surf to get in the water.
    Healer: Potions have slightly higher effect, Can take jobs at pokecenters
    ---All I can conjure out of my brain right now, might think of more later, you get the point though---

    Players can collect badges to show off and to unlock more items and generation areas.
    Player must beat their starting Gen area's Elite Four and all 8 badges to move to another gen area.
    Pokemon trained in one Gen area will remain in that area in PvE servers.
    If needed I can sign a contract releasing any and all royalty claims to this game. I'm not in this for the money, just want to see the greatest and most popular game series ever made expand.

    Edit: 11/2/2012
    Possibly have the different regions able to start in with PvE servers.

    Example: I could create a character that starts in the Hoenn region whilst my friend decides he/she would like to start in Johto

  • Shut up.

    If you knew anything about keeping a game series alive, you would know that "originality" is preserved by reinforcing what worked in the first games in every title for the main series afterwards.  Pokemon would release an MMO once Nintendo has a software packet for wireless communication that works outside of Nintendo land, most likely.  No, Nintendo isn't going to authorize a huge game for computer usage.  If they do, it'll be for whatever home console they have at the time, because selling units matters more to them.

    To be honest, you really killed your entire argument by b*tching like an unobservant fangirl about creativity.  Do you realize how left-wing Pokemon is compared to other rpgs, specifically other monster trainers?  Pokemon already has so much going for it.  The storylines are getting better written, the older monsters continually grow to meet basic battle requirements of each new generation, and their whole world is consistantly developing to become a greater virtual reality.  Consider the progress the game has made with each consecutive release, consider that Game Freak has a formula that earns them record breaking sales, and consider that some members of the fanbase really need to either settle down, or try talking to their nations company executive.  Leaving this on a forum isn't going to get you anywhere, kid.  You think Nintendo of America reads these?

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