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Why the Wii U can't be a "hardcore" console

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  • The Wii U is good console to get Wii U exclusive games on such as Mario, legend of zelda, the new smash bro's game that's coming out. Plus Bayonetta2 since I beat the first Bayonetta game. Nintendo is a bit kiddy but nintendo has some great exclusive games.


  • Of course it's Nintendo's fault. They screwed up modern generations with the GameCube.  No DVD player was such a dumb idea. Then Wii wasn't HD! No dedicated online system???

    It's next to impossible to reverse.

  • The lack of a dvd player didn't matter, otherwise the Xbox would have done much better than the Gamecube. There are only so many people playing console games at one time. It was natural to jump from ps1 to ps2 since it offered the expanded experience of the last generation winner - the ps1. The Dreamcast was antagonized and had a lack of trust since Sega kept coming out with stuff.

    The Gamecube and Xbox weren't bad systems but Sony sucked up a lot of the initial support of developers. People don't buy game consoles just to get hardware, they buy them for games. The PS2 allowed people to retain use of their already existing game library while having access to the new one with one box. The Xbox was a new competitor and the Gamecube did not play N64 carts nor did it bother with the Game Boy until a few years in. Then Nintendo had trouble getting 3rd party developer support. In some cases it wasn't because of a lack of interest, Nintendo actively turned away Grand Theft Auto but allowed True Crime on their system.

    Nintendo can make some great games but the mainstream wants more than just a Nintendo boutique. Sony and Microsoft have first party systems but the emphasis of their consoles isn't a boutique for their games. They're more open to being platform holders than Nintendo, Nintendo makes most of their money from video games and gaming related items. They have to dominate their system to get what was previously crazy high levels of revenue and profits from a game machine.


    The Wii not being HD didn't hurt it much. Some of the best selling games of all time released on that system. What hurt it was Nintendo changing their platform strategy partway through the Wii's life cycle, then abandoning the system. There's no consumer friendly reason we should have a drought that makes the Xbox and PS3 look like an oasis of gaming in comparison. We have this drought because Nintendo wants to push newer hardware and push more of the type of games they prefer to make without losing talent that are tired of working with extremely dated hardware.

    Basically Nintendo kills their systems as part of their planned obsolescence strategies to try to force people into their next machine. Everyone does this but not as harshly as Nintendo. Every Playstation transition was soft and friendly. Despite me not being a big fan of Sony I greatly appreciate how they handle most things with their systems. It's just difficult to deal with them because Sony both views and tries to treat themselves as a high quality brand so the prices and attitudes match. Even Microsoft allowed Xbox Live to function for original titles for a few years into the 360's life as well as actively ensuring backwards compatibility for many of the most played games.

    The Wii was probably Nintendo's best transition yet but they did so after leaving us to thirst. Resident Evil 4 is a brilliant game Twilight Princess was great the first time through but two quality releases for a platform aren't enough. People are complaining about the dullness of 360 games right now but it greatly pales in comparison to the N64, Gamecube, Wii's final years.


    Nintendo's lack of a respectful online system does suck. You'd never believe that they were one of the first to meaningfully experiment with online in video games but they were. They had awesome concepts in the beginning, Sega did too. They didn't succeed and now seem to be all pouty about Microsoft eating their lunch. They need to cry themselves an ocean then sail over it to accommodate modern players and gaming.

  • I heard a rumor that free bjs were being handed out to HC gamers...

  • Well my 5 year old said he doesn't want one because it smells. When I asked him what he meant he said dad the name is wii u it must smell.

    So there is something to think about. From a marketing stand point the name is stupid in itself.

  • Well if it came out with an appropiate "hardcore game" then i guess it could be a hardcore system.......

  • Really it comes down to the games kids want to play. Take away the parents who played the original games, then just have kids watch game commercials. More kids would want to play the games on the other systems if their parents weren't there to say Mario was so much fun.

  • Every time someone says wii u all I can picture is patrick star saying "wee woo" I know its not the same but it makes me smile every time. watch?v=JivzbB eCtY

  • I just went back and read all of this. I'm seeing a lot of good stuff here, but I want to point out that I'm a fan of Nintendo and I was pretty upset about how they handled the Wii U (still am). It's biggest problem is lack of games but that will be fixed soon. My other big problem is still that Nintendo recently has catered strongly to younger people and the Wii U is still very much a casual system. Yes it's HD, but it's already dated compared to most gaming PC's and the Xbox One and PS4. The Wii wasn't made for hardcore players either, it just wasn't. I wish things weren't this way but it's the truth.

  • Nintendo is Nintendo,they have never had a true "hardcore console"and i dont beleave in "hardcore consoles"a console is just a system that plays games,they just do it diffrently.i for one like the idea of the WiiU,its somthing new,and i i think Nintendo trying a new way of playing games insted of just a controller and flatscreen t.v is great!

    Nintendo is being very creative in the WiiU and 3DS,atleast there not trying to be like sony or microsoft.

  • ^

  • Nintendo is the only hardcore gaming company left. Metroid, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Fire Emblem are harder than any games on the 360 and PS3. I think Sony and Microsoft are the casual crowd. Fifa, COD and GTA lovers etc.

  • Hardcore doesn't mean kiddy. Sony games are more casual than the majority of Nintendo games. Just play Fire Emblem.

  • I like you sir, please don't kick me.

  • I don't know what people mean by ''hardcore'', do they mean being extremely difficult or being a time investment? If so then yeah I guess the Wii U is more casual but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. The reason why I didn't like the original Wii that much is because of all the babyish games plus games that could have been good but ended up butchered by bad motion controls. I like motion controls in some games but in some games it seemed like there really should've been and option between that or a more classic style.

    That aside though, Wii U doesn't seem as gimmicky as the original Wii and even if it's not the most hardcore, it still has really good games thus far. I just hope it stays around and will have more good games. One really bad thing is about the online, as everyone knows but it's also Nintendo's approach to the whole online thing. It's as if they think people should still only play couch coop like with the older consoles but online is so big in this day and age that their way of thinking just doesn't make sense. All they need to do is give you the choice to play couch or online or online with a friend playing with you playing on the same console.

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