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  • Ok, Nintendo is having a hard time right now but thats because of the current nintendo mentality that they care about casual gamers and thats true for the most part but Nintendo is bound to make a comeback. They're coming out with Pikmin 3, a New Legend of Zelda (For Wii U & 3DS), they'll eventually come out with a Metroid game that may rock the world with that Touchscreen system. I mean, a Metroid HUD on that screen, HELLO. I'm setting my sights on a PS4 but I can definitely see myself picking up a Wii U eventually. I mean, people are saying its graphical capabilities are around the 360 (though it truly stacks higher than that). I can live with that coming from nintendo. Nintendo wants to sell an experience because they know they can't compete in graphics because of the weight of their Casual Gamers audience switch, but they can sell an experience. I'm going to buy a Wii U eventually. When the the new legend of zelda comes out, then I'll get Pikmin 3 & other Nintendo Titles because thats what you DO.