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  • Pacman     

    I had hoped for Pacman to be in a Smash Brothers game since I was introduced to the series. Now that Namco Bandai is making SSB4 they will probably put their hungry yellow mascot into the fight. Pacman is not only the first character in video gaming history (excluding spaceships) but he has gained fighting abilities in his 3D games. It seems like Pacman can fit right in.

    Mega Man

    This blue bomber has had a rough past few years due to canceled games. Still, developers stated that they might include a Capcom character. This is very likely due to fans wanting Mega Man in Brawl. He also has perfect attacks to fit in with other fighters. The blue bomber a great choice SSB4.


    Midna has to be one of my favorite characters in the Zelda series. At first she makes you angry but you realize that her attitude is what makes her personality so great. As you go on, she becomes more lovable and you begin to see the nicer side of her personality as she begins to trust you. One question, Which of her two forms would be in SSB4?


    This is the only Mario character on this list. He started out in Mario Tennis and has continued to appear in most Mario games since. He is a great choice because he has a lot of attacks that could easily be put into his move set. Love him or hate him, he his still on my list.


     The newest Star Fox member is on my list because she can actually have different moves unlike the other Star Fox characters. She can use her staff to fight and differentiate her play style from the others. This blue furry would be a great addition to SSB4.

    I also hope Roy and Mewtwo will Return.