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Why hasn't Nintendo targeted RTS games?

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  • I actually agree that the WiiU in theory seems like it would be the best console for an RTS.  However I dont think most of your described games would work.  First i am going to just dismiss Diablo...that's not an RTS.  I do think Diablo 3 would work decently well with some rework on the combat system to a dual stick shooter type game, just doesn't seem to be relevant to the topic.

    So lets talk about the big fish, Starcraft 2.  I dont see Blizzard bringing SC2 to consoles in its current form, not because of input options but because of the time it takes to issue updates.  SC2 is one of the biggest or the biggest Esport.  It gets constant updates in the terms of balancing, map updates, ladder changes and so on.  This would be a much slower process on consoles and I think Blizzard would be worried that the 6 month behind console version would cast a negative light on the PC version.  Doesn't mean they cant or wont do it, just I think it would be a slightly different RTS in the SC universe.  Something like SC Light.  That way the would be able to maintain the integrity of SC2 and offer a console version.

    As for Warcraft right now there is no information on any new RTS version.  Blizzard is working on several secret projects, maybe one is Warcraft 4...but we don't know.  I do think Warcraft, especially how it was done in WC3 would fit consoles better than SC2 does.  It does not require the input skill (macro and micro) that SC2 does.

    C&C.  That is a tough one.  Since Westwood Studios went under EA has bounced it around to a bunch of different publishers.  Most of them have not been very good.  Generals was decent but imo I cant think of any other ones that are worth playing.  I just don't think it is a solid enough game to make the jump to consoles..but that is just my opinion.  Who knows what Bioware will do with Generals 2 now that the Dr.s are gone.

    Now as to why Nintendo hasn't pushed for these games (far as we know).  My guess is they don't think they will sell.  SC2 the heavy hitter in the genera according to VGcharts has only sold roughly 3.6 million copies.  If you take into account Korea...and the number of people that have purchased multiple copies, it is really not that much.  Also do you really think that there are lots of console gamers looking to play RTS games?  How well did Halo Wars sell?  and that is with the Halo name attached.  I have no doubt that there are some console gamers looking for that RTS experience, I just don't see a lot of them.  I think most RTS fans own a PC since a PC that will run an RTS is not all that expensive.  So When Nintendo or the devs look at the cost to port the game over to the WiiU compared to realistic projected sales they dont see enough money there.  However a new IP RTS that can only be played on the WiiU may be a different story.

    That's my 2 cents anyway.  

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  • I think the Wii U could be put to a lot of great use for a variety of genres, RTS, and TBS (Turn-based Strategy) alike.  Monitoring units, assigning movement, the whole shpeel.


    Frankly, I'm wondering when we're going to see some really detailed use of the GamePad.   I don't care for sports games or Madden, but the thought of the ability to draw up your own plays on the touch-screen seems like too good an idea to pass up.  

    The ability to handle an PC-game-like inventory in the palm of your hand?  Create custom levels by drawing them?  I'm pretty excited to see where this goes.


    And I do sincerely hope we get some nice strategy games on there.  Too bad XCOM: Enemy Unknown wasn't announced for Wii U. 

  • Just wait for them to announce another Battalion Wars. Maybe Battallion Wars U. That will be the closest you will get from them.

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  • I think that a final fantasy type game would work nicely with the map or commands on the tablet

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