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  • I love open world games, rpg's, action/rpg and action/adventure games... I also like some psychological horror style games (but not very rough) a bit of that and a bit of this...

    some sims style games, like harvest moon.... But all that, with some fresh ideas and not just ports from old wii... With better mechanics, graphics, depth... I want to see games by nintendo with voice overs! And some new ips by nintendo without taboos or childish theme.

    Games I would like ported from wii and gamecube, but with improved textures and fx...  Star fox adventures, harvest moon.  (zelda is already on schedule).

    I would love a hardcore mmo on wii U... like world of warcraft was at day 1.... (not after they nurfed it and made it casual... tokens and repeatable quests...)..  I would love to see a hardcore mmo like " mario world mmo"  " zelda mmo"