Galloping through hyrule fields side swapping every troll F#%@ i see, while dodging arrows from the left, With the full brightness of the sun making everything sparkle with a pop.Why am i here. Because i went through half a dungeon and forgot to buy arrows. Ohhh yess its the glory of the epic tale that can not be told just once. Its Zelda and i am very happy to be back on familiar grounds with a steroid problem....... in  a good way. It has a whole new tone that gives link that edge he never had.Not only that but this story is told through the wii. Which is more fun then you think. After the 90 hours plus gameplay i've put in half was me saying "hmmm well this is easy" and the other half me YELLING " AGGGHHH WTF  WHAT DO I DO F%#@#$ SH$%@#@R






saying                                                                    (mindfuck if you could not get it)

The game is really fun but extremely hard or a total mindfumickfucmind. But your hard work is payed off with the feeling of accomplishment, that and neat tools to use in dungeons. You will find your self constantly being poked and mentally messed with through out the game.Just like simple things too an item you havent used in a while or a button on a wall . Once you baby deer legs warm up you will a adventuring dungeon raping elf in no time.  Everything is up to par as for characters and layout, its your almost typical zelda game. Utilizing the wii remote is fun in that way you thought the wii should have been. swinging my remote as if i did have the master sword splitting the eye of a serpent beast at the bottom of lake hylia. 

This game is to mark upon one the greats for the wii and in my opinion the franchise. Bringing new hope to the Game, The console and the player.....


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