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  • Skipping over the long, most likely pointless, rant by the guy that does nothing but search the internet for places to protect Nintendo.

    And back to non crazy people.

    Yeah I think it would be impossible for nintendo to just fail. As far as overall numbers who knows. Literally anything could happen in the next few years to affect numbers in ways that Nintendo has no control over.

    The casual gamers are going to be a hit. My grandma, Aunt, and mom all have a wii but give them something with dual sticks and they don't want anything to do with it. The best think Nintendo can do right now to help push them higher is get some sort of exclusive on multiplatform games besides a touchscreen inventory. AC3 came with extra levels on PS3, Xbox has had their dlc exclusive windows. Something like that will draw in hardcore players alot faster to replace the casual losses.