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  • It's really beginning to bother me that Nintendo's role in the console wars has been/is/will be the kiddie platform. The Wii U will most likely have way too many peripherals and will be the console that a bunch of kids play at parties instead of one that adamant gamers come home to and play for consecutive hours. It's not Nintendo's fault that they have become this way, it's the gaming community's fault and my reasoning for that is Nintendo now has to have a gimmicky, unique feature to sell hardware (motion controls, 3D). Now it's the gamepad, which I personally can't stand but Nintendo has to sell buyers on it because if they made a powerful console that just had the pro controller, a blu ray drive, and a large hard drive with their exclusives and major third party games, it would be last in the console wars and couldn't touch the new Xbox/PS. Think about a "hardcore" Nintendo system being put in this console generation, a decent amount of gamers might appreciate it but in the end, Nintendo wouldn't stand a chance...*sigh*