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  • I am kind of in agrement with Palor. I mean I want one, but I do have other priorities, and def won't be able to get one at launch unless I justify it by calling it the kid's Christmas present, but he has already kinda shrugged at that idea.

    I too love Mario and Zelda, but truthfully I don't even play Mario games anymore, and kind of prefer Zelda on the 3ds.

    It would strictly be a first party system, and I just don't know that it is worth it to me.  I see the controller as being something that is cool for about 12 minutes, and then it will just be in the way.

    Another thing that has me curious...when they stated that the system has 2GB ram, is that just for the console, or does that include what the controller has as well?

    I also just heard that there will not be proprietary storage required, basically any external HD or SD card will work, so that makes upgrading storage cheap, but won't that also make it much easier to crack the games?