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  • Maybe.  I am easily going to wait 6 months till I see some must have titles before I jump.  Bayonetta does nothing for me, ZombiU has potential but I will wait and see (very happy with Dayz mod).  Mario and Zelda...maybe I am getting old but they just dont do it for me any more.  I dont dislike them but they are not enough for me to justify a console purchase.

    Actually there are 2 big outstanding factors that I am watching.  First is what the Nintendo network ends up being.  They have lots of ground to make up and I am worried they will fall short.  Second is what their competitors do, I think it is safe to say we will be seeing one of or both of Sony's and Msoft's new consoles by late 2013 or early 2014.  I am one of those people that sees the WiiUs controller as neat...but something I will get bored with quickly (similar to with Wii controllers).  If you remove the novelty of the controller I think the WiiU looses much of its luster.  Then the main selling point becomes the Nintendo exclusives...which are nice, but I dont feel they are must haves (going to get killed for that statement on these forums..I know).  Anyway if the new consoles have a good showing that may cause me to wait for the WiiU to be under $200.