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How would you reinvent Pokemon?

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  • I am sure it is every Pokemon trainers' dream to be able to play the games in all regions. I have an idea to reinvent the pokemon franchise. First start by making the game third person/ or first person optional so that you feel like you are the trainer. Next, make it so that when a person battles, you see the whole battle on the t.v. screen but see the battle through the pokemon's eyes on the wii u remote control while mapping the four pokemon attacks to triggers or face buttons. The idea is that you completely control the pokemon during the battle. Maybe also have a quick button to access your bag on the bottom of the t.v. screen during the battle. Next, if all regions are to be included, I think it would be wise to do something risky and up the level cap from 100. Also it would be nice if when you become the champion of the pokemon league you actually were capable of battling challengers. It would also be nice if you could go around regions solving problems like the champions in the previous games do. I don't think there necessarily has to be new pokemon in order to introduce a new game that isn't a complete remake. What are your ideas for revamping the Pokemon universe so it doesn't become stale? Would you buy this game if it came out on the Wii U assuming you have one?

  • Yeah I've always thought of having all the Pokemon regions combined, it would make catching all of them easier than having to import. I've always wanted to see a real time or an active time battle system in Pokemon. I'm not sure if anyone else has gotten tired of turn based Pokemon games, but I have. Also I would up the A.I. in Pokemon too. Gym leaders should much harder then what they are and should use some sort of strategy. I'd also make online a little better, and make the whole game run on a 3D engine. If all these thing happened, I'd buy a new Pokemon game in a heartbeat

  • I wish they would revive the Orre region and make another sequel with Shadow Pokemon. I like your ideas though. I have always wanted to just wait there and let random trainers come up. Even better, I wish the Pokemon League was like how it is in the anime. A real tournament where you battle up a ladder. Even make a Pokemon MMO. Imagine how awesome that would be. You could literally stand there for weeks on end until somebody crosses your path.

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  • i would make it so when the pokemon use an attack you actually see them run at your opposing pokemon and use its attack instead just an animation and some blinking

  • how ever the developers of pokemon arent the most creative people in gameplay and i doubt we will see any changes they are probably going to just play it safe until no one buys any more games they only do spin offs to try other mechanics and thats how it probably will

  • They could make an incredible Pokemon version for the Wii U.

    Not sure if I'd agree with everything the OP's proposing, but I would love to have the navigation of Pokemon Colosseum combined with the classic gameplay of the handheld titles.

  • Consoles never get main Pokemon games and it will stay that way. However they could make a spin-off on the Wii U for some of these ideas.

    Want in main: All regions, more then four moves, all starters can be caught

    Could only happen in spin-offs or else Pokemon would stop being Pokemon: Real time combat, first person view

    Could only happen on Wii U: mapped attacks, two views of battle, instant bag access

    Honestly Pokemon's been changing enough for me, 3 on 3 and rotation battles, new pokemon, new moves, good story. Black and White are different from the previous games, so were the other games. (do you really accuse a remake of being to much of the same, isn't that the whole point of a remake)

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  • I do like the remakes being the same, that's why I buy them. I think it's time to change things up and make a full fledged Pokemon game on a home console, possibly an MMO. They did it with the Pokemon Stadium's and the gamecube games. I just wish they would expand a little. I don't think we need any more pokemon added to the battles. I just think it would be awesome actually seeing through the eyes of the trainer as a trainer in a full fledged world.

  • Sorry. I didn't mean an MMO in earlier games. I meant a full story.

  • Error on my part with the remake. I tend to over assume with people's implications. I actually would love to see all of this on a Wii U Pokemon spin-off. Some of these idea's just don't seem like they would work in the main series, but the realm of spin-offs is infinite. But after that, we better get Pokemon Snap 2 *raise's pitchfork

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  • I actually liked Pokemon Snap...?

  • I would end the series. It stopped being fun and interesting about 2 generations ago. Sure it still sells but there's a time to call it what it is... a used-to-be good game.

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  • by letting them die in battle

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  • Pokèmon MMO? Sooner or later, it will happen!

    Seriously, I would say the people who played pokèmon when it first released usually still do now. I would like to see pokèmon grow up in terms of maturity as well. Gritty, dark, and not everyone can be the very best.

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  • yea well there is a pokemon mmo…. and its name is pokemon crater ugh what a terrible game that sure did turn out great

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