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  • Earlier this week, we learned more details in a 200 word news story about the Wii U than we did from Nintendo after hours and hours of press conferences over the past year.

    I have read a lot of reaction from people around the world wide web, and even a bit here in the tiny town I live in, so people are talking, but what they are saying varies wildly. So, I call on you, me fellow GIOers, to answer this question. Will you be purchasing a Wii U, and if so, in what timeframe?

    What launch title are you most excited about?  And if you are leaning toward no, what could Nintendo do to make you change your mind?

    Quick refresher:

    Two models announced--

    300 dollar white wii, with just the basics and a 8GB hard drive

    350 dollar model, with Nintendo Land, Black in color, stand for controller and console, 32 GB hard drive.

    Either way, something tells me there will be a hefty price tag on the extra storage that many people may eventually need, but of the two, I would say the $350 bundle is by far the better value.

    The Wii U launches on November 18th, with as many as 50 launch window titles(which is apparently about a 5-6 month window).



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