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As CEO of Nintendo the first thing I would change is...

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  • I would change Club Nintendo to allow players to register third-party games for coins.  I hate that Nintendo-made games are only coin-eligible.  A-game-is-a-game and that should be enough to get coins.  Also this would give Nintendo valuable feedback on third-party titles and maybe the need to accommodate them more to diversify their platforms.

    I would also bring Nintendo Power magazine back in-house.  Since they sold it, it doesn't feel distinctively Nintendo anymore (even with the Seal) so I cancelled my subscription.  The same company that publishes Nintendo Power also publishes Playstation magazine... that's just wrong...

    I'd also revive the "Nintendo. Now you're playing with Power" campaign.  Some things never get old!

  • @NekuRulez Nintendo already made third-party games available for registration on Club Nintendo. I don't blame you for not knowing that because a LOT of people don't know, but third-party games are there.

    If I was the CEO of Nintendo, I would, first of all, surpass the competition hardware-wise. A lot of people keep saying the Nintendo is behind hardware-wise, which is true, but that can easily be fixed. The Wii U is taking a big leap in the right direction, but Microsoft and Sony will see what the Wii U offers and they will top that. Then, Nintendo will still be behind. They need to make a giant leap with the most advanced technology so they can be ahead of the competition.

    I would also revive older franchises. Games like Earthbound have been left in the dust and untouched for many years. Some games, like Kid Icarus, have been revived, but other games, like Earthbound, desperately need to be revived. I would, at least, make 3D Classics: Earthbound first. Then, I would take the older franchises and revive them both digitally and physically.

    After that, I would offer more gaming experiences in the first-party games. I would make the games take advantage of highly advanced technology while adding new elemets that add to the gameplay.

    Next, I would majorly expand the virtual game stores. Instead of a few hundred games in the Wii Shop/eShop/DSiShop, why not have a few thousand games? How about ten-thousand games? Also, instead of updating the virtual game stores once a week, why not update them twice a week? The only problem would be the games being developed, but that can be an easy fix, especially with a virtual console section.

    Then, I would give Club Nintendo a major update. I would make it be able to store data in your own personal account. You can use it to do many things that are useful. For example, if you have two Wii Us and they are both under one account, Club Nintendo will allow both Wii Us to download the same things. What I mean is, you could download Mario on one Wii U and Club Nintendo will let the other Wii U download the same thing for free. I know, it's more of the old technology but it is desperately needed.

    Finally, I would give you the ability to subscribe for a digital subscription to Nintendo Power. Some people, like me, can't get it physically because of their location, so if it was digital it would be able to get more people to read it.

    ~Biggest Nintendo Fan Ever. Period.~

  • Everything NekuRuelz and Apricot said plus an online system similar to Xbox Live, but not a carbon copy. I would also try to get more developers on bard to make new IPs with one or two being "hardcore" to stop haters from saying "Nintendo has no hardcore games" or "Nintendo is childish".

    Also release every game worldwide so no region misses out on awesome games (Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower, Last Story for examples)

  • All of the above, and for my changes, I would fire Reggie, or put him in a different position. I like the guy, but I believe that he is the reason why there are more "casual" titles out here in America. I would probably put him back down to President of Sales instead of CEO, he knows how to sell, but not how to run.

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