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  • Too many people focus on the tech. True, the tech does make the system, but it doesn't make the games. Honestly I'd rather just have great games regardless of the bells and whistles, over some sparkly sub-par experience that looks good but is forgettable. Nintendo has the richest history of great classic games and I don't see them ever failing to deliver more and more. Sony and Microsoft have their cornerstones no doubt but they still can't live up to the legacy of Nintendo's legends. I can't wait for the Wii U. Nintendo has finally embraced real third party dev. support and that's all they have ever really lacked. Mind you Nintendo is Nintendo it started in Japan so it has different approach even in America. I'm glad they don't follow in the business trends of it's competition. Nintendo always changes the playing field of gaming and if you go back in history every console company since Nintendo's existence has done it's damnedest to out-do Nintendo or at least match what Nintendo does. I have faith in the historic company and look forward to game on every console that Nintendo puts out until I die and share my love for it's games with my future kids.