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  • [quote user="Marco Polo"]

    @ theLizardman

    And here's a thought, unlike Microsoft, Nintendo never puts out a console with a 60% failure rate.


    I don't think the failure rate got that high.  Last I heard it was around 40%, and a lot of that is likely poor use from users--putting it in places where air circulation was poor or non-existent.  

    My Xbox 360 has run quite well consistently for three years, barring the occasional crash in a Bethesda game--and that one weird one I had in Arkham City.  My roommate and I successfully repaired his RROD Xbox 360 and it runs just fine again.  

    Plus, it's a hallmark to how great the Xbox 360 is on it's own that it successfully weathered those dark RRoD days.  I think it's the best system of the generation--tied with the regular old DS (DS Lite).  It does online better, the online shops are cleaner and faster, it has the best player profiles in the industry, and is simply a great system.  Hell, it even does couch co-op better since I recently discovered the PS3 won't allow multiple profiles to be signed in at one time--so where Trophies and game progress are concerned, everyone other than player 1 are outta luck.  

    I can play Borderlands, Dungeon Siege III, Halo, Gears of War, Left 4 Dead, etc with my girlfriend on one of our Xbox 360's and we can both save our individual progress and earn our own Achievements.  The way it should be.