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  • [quote user="S.T.A.R.S. Officer"]


    I thought about buying a 3DS around my birthday in February, but I think I'll wait for a possible upgrade. I really would not be interested in this attachment.


    You'll be waiting a while.  Granted, its part marketing-speak when Nintendo says they won't put out a revamped 3DS right now, but I also think it would be fiscally irresponsible for Nintendo do put out a revamped 3DS with a built-in dual-Circle Pad set-up so soon.  You'll be waiting a year at least.  The dual-Circle Pad 3DS will likely launch late next year in time for the holidays, and to better challenge the Vita on a new front.  

    I'll get the attachment.  No biggie.  Hell, with the Ambassador program, the two freebies (Four Swords and Excitebike), and the pre-installed games, I already have 41 games for my 3DS.  By comparison, after having my DS Lite for about 4 years, I only have 42 games on that.  I'm really enjoying the 3DS.